Christian Brothers: pay abuse victim less because poor

abuse victim Christian Brothers

A barrister representing the Christian Brothers told a Perth court an abuse victim raped multiple times as a child deserved a lesser payout because he came from a poorer family.

The ABC reports Bettina Mangan told Judge Mark Herron it seems ‘illogical and unfair’ but that the man had a lower earning potential because of his poor upbringing.


“The court can’t escape from the fact he didn’t come from well-off, middle-class [parents].”

The judge described the statement as ‘brutal’.

Christian Brothers admit abuse

Previously, the Christian Brothers admitted that the abuse victim endured abuse from several of their members in two of their orphanages.

Tim Hammond, barrister for the abuse victim, said a letter from the Christian Brothers admitted to “many facts” of the abuse suffered by his client.

One Christian Brother, aged in this thirties, raped the then nine-year-old six times.

Two other brothers also molested the boy. A lay teacher made the child wear lipstick and a dress during his abuse.

All perpetrators are now dead.

Numerous suicide attempts

Mt Hammond said the now 75-year-old victim struggled to stay employed throughout his life and attempted suicide many times. The man’s legal team estimate his lost earnings due to the abuse as up to $850,000. They also estimate lost superannuation as up to $58,000.

Despite many Australians from humble beginnings doing well in life, the Christian Brothers appear confident they can predict what this child’s future would have been, if not subjected to terrible abuse as a child.

$110,000 paid to the man by the Christian Brothers previously will be deducted from the payout decided by the court. In 2018, the Christian Brothers settled the case of a terminally ill man abused at the same orphanages for $1 million.

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