An undercover documentary team has found that Chinese hospitals are still offering painful electroshock therapy and drug prescriptions that doctors claim will “cure” homosexuality.

Despite being homosexuality being declassified as a mental illness in 1997 and legalised in 2001, the documentary makers found many doctors all to willing to charge people large amounts of money for fraudulent ‘conversion therapy’.

“Can you bear this kind of pain? How long can you bear it? If you can really bear with it then you can change,” one doctor told an undercover one doctor told a reporter in Tianjin.

As Chinese culture is heavily focused on having children, many Chinese parents often force their same-sex attracted sons and daughters into these barbaric programs so that they can become grandparents and not lose face amongst their family and friends.

Another reason that these clinics appear to be flourishing is that they are so profitable.

The documentary highlights the Huashan clinic, also in Tianjin, which charges 3,500 yuan per session, more than two months disposable income for an average Chinese worker.

Doctors at the clinic warns the undercover reporter that he will need to return frequently and pay out similar amounts.

The Chinese government made an historic ruling in 2014 against a clinic offering ‘conversion therapy’, slapping them with a fine and forcing them to publish an online apology.

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