Cher calls on Pink to rewrite ‘Dear Mr President’

Cher has this week pleaded with fellow singer Pink to rewrite Dear Mr President about Donald Trump.

The first album I fell in love with as a child was Pink’s I’m Not Dead in 2006.

I was about twelve years old when I was gifted the red, floral CD.

One of the tracks I held most dear was track five: Dear Mr President, a heartfelt track criticising American politics.

It turns out though, I’m not the only fan of that song. Go figure.

Because earlier this week, Queen Cher took to Twitter asking Pink to rewrite the honest and emotional tune.

Cher pleaded with the Funhouse singer, urging her to change the lyrics to make them more suitable for roasting Donald Trump.

“@Pink NEEDS TO REWRITE “‘DEAR MR PRESIDENT’,” the tweet said.


“You know it’s always been my favorite.”

A letter to George Bush

The song was originally written as a criticism of George W Bush and was more or less an open letter questioning his motives and ability to govern.

In the track, Pink addressed issues like the Iraq War, homelessness, and women’s rights. She even questioned him about LGBTIQ rights and equality.

“What kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?” the lyrics read.

But people online are now backing Cher, calling for a rewrite of the 2006 track.

Some are even requesting the 2020 rendition be a duet between the two icons. Could you imagine?

Pink is yet to respond to Cher’s plea, but many are remaining hopeful the rewrite could occur.

Cher on Donald Trump

Over the years, Cher has been very vocal on Twitter about her feelings towards Donald Trump.

A few days ago she called him “the most vengeful, illiterate, limp, imitation of a man”.

And last week she referred to him as a “treacherous ‘liar in chief'”. It seems Cher is more savage than ever, and personally I’m here for it.

Maybe those insults will make it in the rewrite if it goes ahead. One could only hope.

While we wait for what could possibly be the most iconic song of 2020 if given a rewrite, watch the original below.

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