Check out the cookers protesting Melbourne Drag Expo

melbourne drag expo protest cookers
Images: Christopher Johnson Facebook - Rainbow counterprotestors ruined the cooker's day.

Of course, it’s wrong to mock the less fortunate. But just call me a horrible person because what else to do with the cookers who mounted a sad, ineffectual little protest at Melbourne Drag Expo yesterday?

Trans Queer Solidarity

Due to the organisational efforts of Trans Queer Solidarity, counter-protestors ruined the cooker’s day. Trans Queer Solidarity called it ‘a gloomy day for anti-trans bigots and fash’.😭

“We forced the anti-trans bigots and fash ‘cookers’ off to a sad sidewalk on the other side of the road, well away from the corner they expected to spew their bigotry. We then danced away their vile speeches to a playlist of bangers. This is despite these networks using transphobic wedges to recruit, mobilise and disrupt the Drag Expo for months.

“This was a win that shows we have power in solidarity together.

“Notably, Victoria Police tried to intimidate us from standing up at all—demanding us to move on before the bigots arrived. Further, cops both assaulted queer community members and engaged in racist harassment. Don’t be fooled by the state’s violent pinkwashing. It’s up to us to fight for liberation.”

Counter-protesters deployed humour to good effect. Though the cookers made that easy with many an own goal. Christopher Johnson posted that when the cookers played Waltzing Matilda, queer activists sang “Let’s go Matildas, let’s go Matildas.”

Protect the kids

Regular opponents of the anti-drag cooker protestor movement report that some of the protest leaders scream ‘Protect the kids’ while not enjoying custody of their own children. The children of one prominent ‘Protect the kids’ protestor have an AVO out against him.

It’s difficult to understand why the so-called freedom protestors chose to demonstrate at Melbourne Drag Expo against the freedoms of drag queens. But watch a few of their vids and you soon realise these people are not rocket scientists. They’re the Beverley Hillbillies without the humour or Granny Clampett’s delicious and nutritious roadkill recipes.

In one long video rant, a cooker leader explained the danger Melbourne Drag Expo presents for people under 18. He attended last year and saw people doing terribly inappropriate things — onstage — in full public view!

The filthy bastards were apparently twerking! 🤣


What has the world come to?

Better not let him near any South American festivals. 🍑

Anyway, check out the cookers in action. (Visit the Facebook page Cooking with Batshit Crazies for more about the Victorian freedom-fighting, conspiracy-theorising, anti-drag, brain-dead cooker clods.

Melbourne Drag Expo cooker protest

Caution: These videos contain strong language, bigoted expressions, a lack of rational thought, and an excessive use of the mullet as a hairstyle.

These folks are a joke. But the anti-drag beat-up is not going away. Thanks to the counter-protestors for putting themselves out there to help protect our community.

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