Celebrating Life with Over The Rainbow Funerals

Over The Rainbow Funerals

Over The Rainbow, Funerals Co. isn’t just changing the way we bid farewell to our loved ones. They’re doing it with profound empathy and a keen understanding of the unique needs of the LGBTIQ community.

Their focus on inclusivity and celebrating the unique lives within the community is changing the way we support each other at the end of life.
The traditional, sombre ceremonies are no longer the only way to say goodbye.

Over The Rainbow Funerals Co. firmly believes that funerals should be a celebration of life, an opportunity to honour and cherish the extraordinary individuals who have left an indelible mark on our world. They recognise that the LGBTIQ community has always been at the forefront of pushing boundaries and embracing diversity, and their mission is to inspire this spirit into every facet of their services.
Picture attending a funeral where the air is filled with uplifting music, where laughter dances alongside tears.

With Over The Rainbow Funerals Co., an atmosphere of joy and remembrance permeates every corner, where memories are shared and celebrated.

From the moment you step into their venue, you’re welcomed with a burst of colour, glitz, and glamour. This is not just any funeral; it’s a vivid and heartfelt tribute to a life that was profoundly lived.
What sets Over The Rainbow Funerals Co. apart is their unwavering commitment to holding a funeral anywhere. Whether you prefer a traditional chapel, a picturesque outdoor setting, or a venue that holds special significance for your loved one. They work hand in hand with you to create a personalised and unforgettable experience.
No location is deemed too unconventional or too distant.
At an Over The Rainbow funeral, inclusivity is the cornerstone.

LGBTIQ individuals

LGBTIQ individuals often grapple with discrimination and exclusion in various aspects of their lives. Funerals should be no different. Over The Rainbow Funerals Co. ensures that every
element of their services is meticulously designed to celebrate diversity and pay tribute to the rich tapestry of lives within the LGBTIQ community.
With Over The Rainbow Funerals Co., saying goodbye isn’t confined to sombreness; it’s an embodiment of life’s celebrations, replete with music, dancing, and happiness.
It’s an opportunity to reminisce about the good times, to laugh and cry together, and to pay homage to the cherished memories of those we’ve lost.

Let Over The Rainbow Funerals Co. guide you in crafting a farewell that authentically reflects the vibrant spirit of your loved one’s life.
For more information go to: overtherainbowfunerals.com.au   Or call NSW 02 7205 4130 | QLD 07 5681 1922

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