Casey Donovan addresses wild Brisbane dognapping allegation

casey donovan dognapping brisbane donatella unit
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Casey Donovan has responded after she and a friend were accused of swiping a dog from a Brisbane apartment at the weekend.

The drama went down late on Sunday night, with dog Donatella’s owner claiming a friend of Casey’s took the dog home with her.

On Monday night, 9News aired CCTV footage of Casey and the friend walking through the Brisbane unit block’s hallway (above right).

In the footage, Donatella is in the hallway near the pair and Casey’s friend scoops her up and takes her with them into the building’s lift.

Five hours later, Donatella made it home to her “distraught” Brisbane owner.

Casey Donovan addresses dognapping allegation

Overnight, Casey Donovan issued her account of the late night incident. It apparently all went down after the performer and a group of her work colleagues went out for drinks.

“Thereafter I accompanied my friend Drew to a friend of her’s place,” Casey recalled.

“Whilst I was in the bathroom doing an exit wee, I could hear commotion outside. The friend came and asked me to come out and settle Drew down.

“[She] was clearly very upset as she had witnessed a small dog yelping having been thrown across the room by a flatmate.”

However the dog’s owner has said the abuse claim is false and Donatella was not thrown.

“My male flatmate did not throw the dog. [Drew] incorrectly accused him… the dog just jumped,” he said.

“She then abused my flatmate and called him a terrible person. I told her that was not what happened and gently requested her to leave.”

He said Drew became “agitated and aggressive” at him, and shoved and threatened him as he asked her to lower her voice.

‘Very upset’ friend took the dog home

Casey Donovan explained as the pair were leaving the apartment, Drew returned to collect her glasses.

“I waited in the doorway. When we walked down the hallway we saw the dog near the lifts, not knowing how it got there,” she wrote.

Casey Donovan explained Drew was “still very upset about what had happened and had great concern for the dog’s welfare”.

“[She] decided to take the dog home so the people who were in the apartment that were heavily intoxicated could sober up and be more responsible with the poor dog,” she said.

“I didn’t witness the dog being thrown and I have never met these people before.

“I certainly do not condone any type of cruelty or abuse towards an animal whatsoever. I’m appalled and in shock.

“Drew’s heart was in the right place. She had all intentions of returning the dog provided the housemate was no longer there. [This] was confirmed via message to Drew.”

‘No justification for kidnapping or theft’

But Donatella’s owner, who was not intoxicated, said he was distraught to discover the pet was gone. He said there was “no justification” for the dognapping.

Downstairs, he asked his building’s receptionist for help, and alleged CCTV footage showed Casey Donovan deliberately letting the dog out into the hallway.

“When I watched the footage of the dog being bundled into the handbag my heart dropped. I was devastated,” he said.

He said he contacted the police over the incident and also created a social media page appealing for assistance.

After initially ignoring his “frantic” phone calls, five hours later he said Drew “apologised profusely” over the phone and arranged for Donatella to be returned.

“She made abusive statements about my innocent housemate,” he said.

“There is no justification for kidnapping or theft… Why didn’t they call the police or RSPCA to report their concerns, rather than steal the dog kilometres away?”

Casey Donovan agreed dog should not have been taken

In her statement, Casey explained, “I agree Drew should have not taken the dog and should have advised the friend immediately that she had, not the next morning.”

But the performer said she wished to confirm “100% there was no conspiracy, plan or discussion about stealing the dog.”

“I believe Drew has taken steps to report the incident to officials for further follow up,” she said.

“No animal should be in harm’s way or treated poorly.

“I have two adorable cats and a dog at my parent’s place and am a huge animal welfare advocate.”

Casey Donovan is currently starring in Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 The Musical, based on the iconic film.

The performer plays Judy in the musical, alongside Marina Prior and Erin Clare. Earlier this month, Casey opened up to about her role in the show.

9 to 5 The Musical is playing at QPAC until July 2.

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