Carole Baskin dances back onto TV – hide the sardine oil

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Carole Baskin, famous for her rivalry with Joe Exotic on Tiger King earlier this year, returns to television on American Dancing With The Stars. The show premiers in the US on 14 September. But will Carole come with or without sardine oil?

This on the same day that former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed Kim Jong-un flirted with her at a summit and Trump told her to “take one for the team.”

“Kim Jong-un hit on you! He did! He f***ing hit on you!

“Well, Sarah, that settles it. You’re going to North Korea and taking one for the team! Your husband and kids will miss you, but you’ll be a hero to your country!”

The world has gone bat-shit crazy, but back to Carole Baskin.

In the immortal words of Sophie Ellis-Bexter, “It’s murder on the dance floor, You’d better not kill the groove.”

The producers of Dancing With The Stars will unveil COVID-19 protocols for the show closer top the airing date. Perhaps Carole could dance in a cage?

Carole Baskin came to fame at the beginning of the pandemic in the hit docuseries Tiger King. The show covered the rivalry between her and ‘mad-as-a cut-snake’ business competitor Joe Exotic. The pair both operated Big Cat Rescues where they rehomed unwanted tigers and other animals and charged admission to look at the animals.

Baskin and Exotic became deadly enemies over their differing approaches to running their businesses. Baskin believes in simply caging the animals until they die. In contrast, Exotic’s business model relied on a constant supply of baby tigers that visitors could interact with. He, therefore, encouraged the animals to breed.

But there was so much more to both Exotic and Baskin.

Joe Exotic

It’s impossible to describe Exotic without writing an essay full to the brim with WTF exclamation marks. If you’ve just returned from Mars, you can read about him HERE. The story ends with Joe locked up for 22 years for plotting Baskin’s death.

Carole Baskin – it’s the eye of the tiger…

Baskin meanwhile stirs controversy of her own. The former runaway met a wealthy older man named Don Lewis on the street at the age of 19 after a fight with her first husband. She eventually married Lewis despite his constant womanising. He told her many times he wanted a divorce and filed a restraining order against her.

However, he disappeared without a trace in 1997 and Baskin inherited his millions. Lewis’s former wife and children contested the will without success and accused Baskin of killing him.

The Tiger King series led to feverish speculation that she did exactly that, and fed him to her tigers. Baskin mentioned during the filming of Tiger King that tigers can easily be enticed to eat a whole human.

“Just cover them in sardine oil or something they want to eat, should do the trick.”

Whether she killed Don Lewis or not, Carole Baskin is creepy AF, an animal rights hypocrite and sorry, but the flowers in the hair are ridiculous. Anyway, I can’t hear Baskin without thinking Robbins.

Here’s some Sophie Ellis-Bextor to make the wait for Dancing With The Stars more palatable.

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