Canberra Liberals dump candidate over homophobic comments

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Photo: Canberra Liberals

The Canberra Liberals have dumped candidate Peter McKay over past comments about Indigenous ceremonies and LGBTIQ police officers in the ACT.

The Territory will go to the polls to elect the Legislative Assembly on Saturday, October 17.


Last weekend, the Canberra Liberals announced McKay (pictured) would run for the inner-city seat of Kurrajong.

However just days later, the party dumped McKay after ABC News reported comments he made in his Ruddock religious freedom review submission in 2018.

In it, McKay described a 2016 incident where a van exploded outside the Australian Christian Lobby’s Canberra headquarters as “religious terrorism”.

“The man that used six gas bottles to bomb a secluded Christian organisation in Canberra had worked as an advocate in the USA,” he wrote.

“Yet within 24 hours of the attack the ACT Police influenced by the homosexual Chief Minister and the strong lesbian influence in the ACT Police (yes, I could provide some names) dismissed the attack on religious thought by describing the cause as a mental health issue.”

However the Australian Federal Police determined the man was most likely trying to take his own life. They found the man was not motivated by religion.

McKay also complained that debate on the “consequences” of “accepting or rejecting homosexuality” had been “suppressed”.

He suggested accepting homosexuality would affect “demographics, economic growth, health, increased government support for old age support, the emotional health of children, [and] premature transgender cutting [sic]”.

“What are the ramifications of this poor governance?” he wrote.

“We don’t know the issues because the debate was closed down.”

Peter McKay claims governments ‘should not adopt Welcome to Country ceremonies’

McKay also wrote in the religious freedom review submission that governments should not allow Indigenous Welcome to Country customs.

He said the ceremonies infringed on public servants’ religious freedom, who were obligated to “ensure and apply this religious ceremony publicly onto unsuspecting” people.


“The last one I attended included the acknowledgement and worship of Aboriginal ancestors,” he wrote.

“This is similar to a number of animistic religions around the world.

“These religions did not result in the benefits of development that emanates from western civilisation.

“The government’s adoption of animistic religious practices is to be condemned.”

Canberra liberals leader condemns ‘disrespectful’ homophobic comments

Canberra Liberal leader Alistair Coe told ABC News the “disrespectful” comments are “not good enough”.

“My vision of ensuring Canberra is the best place to live, work and raise a family, includes ensuring Canberra is inclusive of all people, regardless of their culture, ethnicity, faith, gender or sexuality,” Canberra Liberals leader Alistair Coe said.

“The comments published today do not accord with the standard that I expect of our Liberal team.

“Accordingly, earlier today I sought Mr McKay’s resignation as a candidate which has since been tendered and accepted.

“I wasn’t aware of these comments. It’s not good enough, it’s disrespectful. It’s not up to community standards, it’s not up to my standards.

“We’ll do better in the future.”

Before McKay’s dumping, ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr said the Canberra Liberals had become an “ultra-conservative party”. He suggested other candidates running for the party also hold the same views.

“This is a candidate who has run before for the Liberal party at the last election,” Barr told the ABC.

“So those values are the values of the Canberra Liberals, that’s loud and clear.”

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