Call for sanctions against Uganda over anti-LGBTQIA+ laws

Uganda anti-LGBTQIA+ laws

National lobby group, Just.Equal Australia, this week called on Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, to speak out against Uganda’s sweeping new anti-LGBTQIA+ laws.

Uganda’s new anti-LGBTQIA+ laws include:

  • life imprisonment for identifying as gay.
  • a requirement to report people in same-sex relationships.
  • crippling fines for landlords renting premises to homosexuals.
  • a blanket ban on support for LGBTIQA+ rights.
  • a ban on the publishing or broadcasting pro-LGBTQIA+ material.

Penalties range from fines and imprisonment to the death penalty.

Spokesperson for Just.Equal, Brian Greig, said Minister Wong must denounce the laws, and use Australia’s voice in the Commonwealth to advocate for sanctions.

Brian Greig said that both the US Secretary of State and the UK’s Africa Minister had already condemned the bill. But the Albanese Government so far said nothing.

“Australia must speak loudly and clearly against these horrific laws, including directly to Uganda and also within the Commonwealth.

“Australia must also prepare to welcome LGBTQIA+ Ugandans as asylum seekers as a matter of urgency.”

Power of veto over anti-LGBTQIA+ laws

The Bill passed Uganda’s parliament last week and now sits with President Museveni. While the autocratic Museveni is able to veto the bill, he has a long history of demonising the LGBTQIA+ communities.

US evangelicals in Uganda continue to push the false narrative that homosexuality was unknown in East Africa prior to colonialisation.

This fear campaign also asserts that Ugandan homosexuals recruit school children.

Amnesty International has condemned the bill as “appalling and vaguely worded.”

Tigere Chagutah, Amnesty’s International Director for Southern Africa, said, “This deeply repressive legislation will institutionalise discrimination, hatred, and prejudice against LGBTI people.”

Brian Greig warned that the extreme laws were the result of religious extremism in the US being imported to Uganda.

“This moral panic against a vulnerable minority is the inevitable conclusion of the current American culture war that seeks to eliminate LGBTIQA+ people through a toxic mix of colonial religious values and despotic politics in a poorly educated and mostly illiterate nation.”

Last month during WorldPride celebrations, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese spoke out in favour of equality.

“No matter who you are, who you love or where you live – you should be valued, equal and celebrated.”

Brian Greig said the PM should now match those words with action. Australia should sanction Uganda, protect its LGBTIQA+ population and strengthen Australia’s reputation as a defender of human rights.

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Destiny Rogers

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  1. Peter Turner
    4 April 2023

    Good luck with that.

    What has Penny Wong ever done to support our community on the World stage?
    There are many Countries around the World where we are demonized, imprisoned or executed but all we get from her is silence. Even in the US our rights are being eroded and I have yet to hear her denounce DeSantis or any of the other State Governors who are legislating to remove our rights.
    She might be an Okay Foreign Minister but as a lesbian who is supposedly out and proud she is a total failure.

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