Caitlyn Jenner is Once Again Spreading Anti-LGBTQIA+ Rhetoric

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Caitlyn Jenner has publically supported a ban on transgender female athletes in New York county, stating that “all I’m trying to do is protect women”.

Jenner clarified that allowing trans women to compete against other women “will ruin women’s sports”. The trans Judas has been vocal in her criticism of trans women competing in women’s sports since 2021.

Long Island-based advocacy group The LGBT Network has called Jenner’s support a “baffling contradiction”. The group’s president added that “it is disheartening to witness someone who has experienced the challenges of being marginalised actively contribute to the oppression of others within the same community”.

What Does the Ban Do?

The ban will bar female sports teams with transgender athletes from using county-owned facilities in New York county. The ban covers more than 100 county-owned facilities.

The order also requires any teams seeking a permit from the county to state whether they are for male, female or coed athletes.

Any teams designated as “female” would be denied permits if they allow transgender athletes to participate.

The ban does not apply to men’s teams with transgender athletes.

This was issued as an executive order in Februrary by Republican elect Bruce Blakeman. Jenner herself ran unsuccessfully for California governor as a Republican in 2021.

Caitlyn Jenner’s History of Anti-LGBTQIA+ Rhetoric

This bizarre stance from Jenner does not come as a surprise to those familiar with her history of anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric.

Most recently, the Fox News performance artist had a run-in with openly trans icon Dylan Mulvaney, repeatedly misgendering her and attacking their gender identity online.

Infamously, Jenner was also initially against legalising same-sex marriage in the States, before clarifying that she was just a “traditionalist”.

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