Byron Bay: Local Hero Battles to Save Nude Beach

Byron Bay Nude Beach

In Byron Bay, a local naturist, Bradley Benham, is calling to save a Nude Beach in Byron Bay.

The announcement of the impending closure of Tyagarah’s clothing-optional beach has sparked concern for locals. Benham, echoing the sentiments of many, asserts that nude recreation embodies a legitimate lifestyle.

Tyagarah Beach Faces Closure

Just a short drive from Byron Bay, Tyagarah Beach has been a haven for those seeking the liberty to be bare. Set to close by April 8, this decision has ruffled feathers within the naturist community and beyond.

Controversy and Community Response

The nude beach’s history is not without its challenges. Reports of safety concerns have plagued its reputation. However, the naturist community has actively engaged in campaigns to promote a respectful and safe environment for all beachgoers.

In response to concerns, naturists organised a ‘nude, not lewd’ rally. Their message was clear: the beach should be a place of respect and safety for everyone.

Legal Challenges and Public Actions

Instances of inappropriate behaviour have been legally addressed, emphasising the community’s commitment to maintaining a respectful atmosphere. Despite these efforts, the announcement to close the beach has been met with dismay.

A Call to Action

Bradley Benham has initiated a petition urging reconsideration of the closure. Highlighting the scarcity of legal naturist spaces, he champions the right to a lifestyle embraced by many.

Petition to save the nude beach in Byron Bay

You can sign the petition here.

A Unified Request

The petition and its supporters are appealing directly to decision-makers, urging a reversal of the closure decision. The goal is to ensure the continuation of a cherished space representing freedom and respect for naturists and the wider community.

Furthermore, the debates over Tyagarah Beach underscore a larger conversation about freedom, respect, and community spaces. As advocates like Benham fight for their rights, the community watches closely, hopeful for a resolution honouring all involved’s values.

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1 Comment

  1. 15 February 2024

    Eroding rights and freedoms is everyone’s business!
    ***Tyagarah Beach Rally***
    ***Sunday February 18, 12 noon **
    Near end of Grays Lane/ Black Rocks Rd
    Allow extra time to park or car pool at the service station! Very limited parking at the end of Black Rocks Rd OR: Park near Elements on Bayshore Dr, turn left on the beach, walk ½ hour to find us.
    Save Byron’s Clothing Optional Beach Rally!
    Council has been told to close Byron’s only legal nude beach next week! Stand up for your right to skinny-dip!
    Dress code: clothing-optional

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