Byron Baes: What the hell was that?

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Byron Baes is the controversially unwanted reality show filmed in Byron Bay last year. Starring influencers and “content creators” like Jade Kevin Foster the show has just hit Netflix. And people are talking. 

After Byron Baes dropped on Wednesday it has set the internet on fire, for all the wrong reasons.

Byron Baes: Influencers, Yoga and Crystals, oh my!

Byron Baes landed on Netflix this week and it has got people hate watching it, hard.

Set amongst the backdrop of Bryon Bay the show follow a group of influencers as they, influence?

When the program was announced in 2020 it faced a large amount of backlash.

Locals campaigned to stop Byron Baes from being filmed in the town, worried about how it would represent them.

Many local operators and venues refused to consent to filming rights in the hopes it would deter Netflix from going ahead with the production.

Sadly their efforts failed with producers opting for beaches and mansions as the setting for the new show.

Who are they? Jade Kevin Foster and more

Much of the opening of the first episode of Byron Baes is spent explaining who the hell these people are.

Sadly, for the most part, Byron Baes fails to make us care.

Several times in the opening episode Jade Kevin Foster and those around him remind us that he’s the most followed male influencer in Australia.

Why exactly people follow him is yet to be explained.

Singer Sarah has moved from the Gold Coast to help make her career, why?

This is also yet to be explained.

Elias, Nathan, and Simba, yes, Simba, spend their time ‘bro’ing’ out.

Nathan says “bro”, “DM’s” and “the gram” a lot.

They’re “content creators” Nathan reminds us, they “fucking hate” the term influencers.

Guess what Nathan? We got news for you, you’re on the wrong show buddy.

Meanwhile sisters Jess and Lauren do something with fashion and Instagram?

Rounding out the group is Hannah.

Hannah is part of her family’s fashion business, Hannah is off her rocker.

No wonder Byron Bay tried to keep these people out.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid is the saving grace of this Netflix car crash.

This savage gay is here to take no prisoners and he does not hold back.

From the opening of the program where he shoots down Gold Coast singer Sarah in flames to his zingy one-liners, Alex is serving us fire.

The former assistant to Kyle Sandilands and now talent manager himself Alex positions himself as the cynic who hates everyone on the show as much as we do.

“Are you sure this is the right place? I’m driving through a paddock?”

“Oh my god,  there’s a fucking cow!”

“Oh Twitter darl? That’s very 2012.”

Please, put Alex on a decent show where he can shine.

So what went down on Byron Baes?

The debut episode of Byron Baes contained, well not a lot.

Despite claims that the show is not scripted, it’s clearly staged.

Who would honestly admit to scripting content this bad?.

The first episode was heavily structured around the desperately unhinged Hannah and her upcoming party.

Hannah, it is later revealed believes dragon bones were discovered in Australia.

Back to the party.

In news that sends shockwaves through their small friendship group, Hannah wants to invite ex-best friend Jess to her party this week.

The party, which seems to have an exclusive guest list that includes only the cast of the show, takes place in Hannahs’s poolside mansion.

While the forced Hannah/Jess drama attempts to breathe some kind of interest into the episode there are only two moments that keep this show alive.

The pure madness that is Hannah is brought to light when a gift from Jade brings her to tears.

Jade has brought Hannah a pink crystal, a moment so special she weeps.

I’d cry too if someone gave me such a shit gift.

The saving grace for the evening is again super savage Alex.

Hannah declares in the middle of her party that she’s stopping everything to host a sound healing session.

Yes, that’s right.

Speaking for all of us Alex pipes up, “I’m out” he declares as he leaves.

Alex speaks for the rest of us.

Byron Baes, we’re out.

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  1. Queenjen
    11 March 2022

    I’m kind of here for it exposing just how insufferable BBites can be and just how far delusional self belief can take you. It’s like a training camp for Anna Delveys (watch that one!) and the kind of people who ended up eating processed cheese and limp iceberg lettuce at the Fyre Festival Fail.

  2. Julian Gallimore
    14 March 2022

    I hope it’s not another neighbours !
    Sadly today it’s just about selfish people asking there parents for money for the next Fix. They breed on Centrelink and the children steel car’s and break into old PEOPLE’S home’s for items to sell , food and prescription drugs a bonus.
    TV 2022

    • A Ryan
      23 March 2022

      That’s the real Byron locals, not this lot shipped up from Sydney.

  3. julian Gallimore
    14 March 2022

    I wish neighbours add aboriginal actors and awesome LGBTQI kissing.

  4. Peter
    15 March 2022

    I just couldn’t watch that insufferable rubbish. It’s a whole lot of manufactured drama.

  5. Vicki Tindall
    19 March 2022

    This is the biggest most disgusting pile of shit ever. I detest these nobodies! My god if this is who is at BB I would never set foot in this overpriced place ever again. What a bunch of fwits wow Netflix can you get any worse the unfortunate thing about this show is that this is exactly how these morons are. These people aren’t spiritual they are demons who are a huge part of this obnoxious dysfunctional pathetic society.

    • Mike
      20 March 2022

      Haha couldn’t agree more

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