Burger King: Would you like Pride with that?

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A new ad from Burger King Germany aims to win the hearts, minds and dollars of LGBTIQ communities. While corporate America took tentative steps in the past to lure LGBTIQ custom, this year corporations threw caution to the wind. Thus far this Pride month companies already lavished us with rainbow sandwiches, carry bags, mouthwash, butt plugs and who knows what else.

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The Burger King ad displays strong production values and an awareness of LGBTIQ specific international references.  Someone in Burger King’s creative department understands targeted marketing.

The story board

A pair of middle-aged bears, with either very good English or great dubbing, hail from an eastern European nation which doesn’t have marriage equality.

Think Poland!

They fly to Germany and get kitted out for a streamlined but nevertheless touching wedding ceremony.

Burger King chars a Whopper and then compresses the ash to make diamonds for the men’s wedding rings.

One husband, overwhelmed by the sense of occasion, answers the celebrant’s “Do you accept?’ rather enthusiastically.

“I absolutely f*cking do.”

Burger King allowed the expletive to stay as evidence of their street cred.

The couple are real, as is the scenario.

Ad agency Grabarz & Partner found the ‘Whopper Diamond’ couple, Dima and Alvar, and flew them to Germany which allows same-sex marriage, unlike their home country.

The loving couple and their guests dine on mini burgers that don’t look at all plastic and the happy husbands live happily ever after.

BKs done it before

Burger King has form for pitching for Rainbow dollars.

Their experiences were perhaps happy and profitable because they would have shelled out large for this great ad.

In 2014, the company ran a super bowl ad which simply showed a Burger King comestible sold in a rainbow wrapper.

The genius catchphrase: “We are all the same inside”.

Apparently, it earned Burger King over one billion media impressions equivalent to a $US21M advertising spend, 7 million video views, 450,00 blog mentions and trended at Number 1 on Facebook and Twitter.

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