Bunnies & Bilbies are so passé – it’s Easter Eggplant time

easter eggplant santa's yumnut love sausage

While Coles and Woolworths re-enact the annual post-Christmas bun fight to be the first out with hot cross doughy rolls, Britain’s Marks & Spencer lifted Easter treats into a whole new ballpark. Following their Valentine’s Day Love Sausage and Santa’s Yumnut at Christmas, the store just released an Easter Eggplant.

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Despite the store making no reference to Easter in their marketing, the wily Twitterverse was straight onto them.

Some shoppers seem convinced of a certain naivety in the Marks & Spencers Seasonal Treats Naming Department. But we here at QNews are far more cynical. We suspect they know exactly what they’re doing. First, release a product that caters to broadminded shoppers with an adult sense of humour. Then, say nothing and act innocent to avoid pissing off the more prudish.

After nibbling on the Love Sausage and getting Santa’s Yumnut all over their chin, shoppers will no doubt queue again for a giant Easter Eggplant. No word on any cream filling though the store advertises the treat as vegan so that seems unlikely.

Easter Eggplant and Nutkum

Of course, those wanting a creamier Easter Eggplant could add some of Turkey’s favourite hazelnut spread. Apparently, Nutkum (as pictured below) elevates the taste of ordinary buns when spread lavishly across them.

QNews checked the M&S online store and unfortunately, it appears they do not deliver any of their foodstuffs to Australia. Aussie consumers will have to source their own large vegan eggplants this Easter.

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