Brisbane Roe v Wade rally: fight back against religious right

roe v wade

Pro-choice abortion rights activists will rally in Brisbane tonight. The protest follows news that 5 US Supreme Court justices intend to overturn the landmark ruling Roe v Wade.

But women and activists worldwide are fighting back. More details here:  6 pm Friday, May 6, Brisbane Square: Solidarity speakout: Defend Roe Vs Wade, Abortion Rights Everywhere!

Roe v Wade

The 1973 Roe v Wade opinion gave American women federal constitutional protection of abortion rights for half a century. Overturning the decision would allow individual states to decide whether to restrict or ban abortion. Commentators expect about half of American states to immediately ban abortion.

Earlier this week, a leaked draft of an opinion penned by Justice Samuel Alito indicated that a majority of 5 of the Supreme Court justices have voted to overturn the ruling. That represents a triumph for the American religious right. American bigots previously held their noses and supported Donald Trump in return for the appointment of conservative judges.

Although the American decision does not directly impact Australian law, the ruling will have consequences here. Because the Australian religious right quickly follows in the path of their American fellow travellers. Indeed, Sel Dowd, convenor of Equal Love Brisbane describes the situation as critical.

“The situation is critical. If Roe vs Wade is struck out it would represent a victory for disgusting pro-life, women-hating bigots, and a massive blow to women’s and LGBTQI rights.

“It’s a travesty that abortion rights for millions could be swept aside by the decisions of just 5 people.”

Religious right on the march

“The religious right are on the march in the US and if they get their way overthrowing Roe vs Wade, it will give confidence to bigots here. We already had Scomo’s Assistant Minister for Women, QLD Senator Amanda Stoker headlining a pro-life march in Brisbane.”

“So we can’t get complacent. We need to keep up the fight here, to expand access to abortion and make it free.”

Indeed, since the leak of Justice Alito’s draft opinion, a Victorian State  Liberal MP has posted about his enthusiasm for attacking women’s rights in Australia.

“So excited the US is on the verge of a major breakthrough to civilisation. Praying it will come here soon.”

Many activists and commentators also expect the overturning of Roe v Wade will encourage the religious right to move on to other human rights issues. The conservative majority on the Supreme Court might move to overturn other previous rulings, however recent, including on marriage equality.

Culture warpath

As Sel Dowd said, “They are on a culture-warpath against women and LGBTIQ+ people.

“Help show that people around the world support abortion rights and access. Give a big middle finger to the religious right!”

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  1. Peter Turner
    6 May 2022

    Morriscum must be rubbing his pudgy little fingers together with glee. It’s all part of his “Seven Mountains Mandate ” and his intention to dictate issues of morality to the rest of us.

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