Brisbane renter drove landlord to Grindr dates in his Mercedes

Brisbane renter chaffeured landlord to his Grindr dates in a Mercedes
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A female UK expat who once lived with a wealthy live-in Brisbane landlord says she was insured on his Mercedes so she could chaffeur him to his Grindr dates.

This week the Daily Mail asked a bunch of Brits for their weirdest and wildest rental stories.

One British woman, named Rebecca, told the outlet about the “bonkers” rags-to-riches story in Brisbane.

“I lived in Brisbane for a while and my flatmate – who was also my landlord – had me insured on his Mercedes so I could chauffeur him around to his Grindr dates,” Rebecca explained.

“He was a bit of a character. He was English, very ‘oh darling’.

“I was travelling with my now ex-husband and we met a woman in Thailand, who said we should meet up with her in Brisbane and go for dinner.

“We arrived two months late. But somehow she was there and we had a lovely dinner with her and this guy who lived with her in this lovely millionaire’s flat. It was beautiful.

“Bizarrely, his flatmate just decided to move out, with no notice. So we took over his room. It was a real rags-to-riches story.

“I got this amazing job where I could do it from home. He said, ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be really great if you could drive?’

“I said, ‘Well I can drive, I’ve got my campervan’. And he said no, you need a better car than that.”

‘It was carnage but it was a lot of fun’

The Brisbane landlord then allowed Rebecca permission to drive his Mercedes but with some special responsibilities.

“I was insured on this beautiful car and I could drive it around a little bit but the main purpose was to drop him off on his Grindr dates,” she said.

“But I would drop him off and an hour later he would call me to say he was ready to go home.

“He was quite prolific. It was carnage but it was a lot of fun. He was bonkers.

“He had just come out of a relationship when I met him, so he was going through that phase and just having lots of fun.”

Rebecca explained to the Daily Mail that at the time she didn’t see the arrangement as that unconventional.

“I hadn’t had many experiences with living with other people,” she said.

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