‘Selfish’: Brisbane Lord Mayor’s blunt response to Azealia Banks

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and Azealia Banks
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Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has responded to US rapper Azealia Banks after she cancelled a gig in Brisbane on her chaotic local tour, suggesting the city is “racist” and Australia makes her “utterly miserable”.

The rapper was due to perform in Brisbane at the The Tivoli on Tuesday night, but cancelled at the last minute and slammed the city on Instagram.

In the Instagram videos on Tuesday, Azealia said she refused to perform in Brisbane because of a previous experience where a concertgoer threw a bottle at her on stage.

Banks described it as “the most racist, most f___ing demoralising experience” of her life and said she was “too black and beautiful to have a bunch of white people in my face playing with me over their weak ass currency.”

“I’m so not sorry. I’m not sorry at all. Brisbane, y’all are just going to have to take the L and smoke it,” she said.

After hours of confusion on Tuesday, the promoter and venue later confirmed “with great sadness” the Brisbane show was officially cancelled. Ticketholders were told they’d get refunds just a few hours before doors were set to open.

On Thursday, Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner (above left) weighed in on the row in an Instagram Story, defending Brisbane.

He called out the rapper’s “selfish snub” and urged punters to instead buy tickets to support local artists.

“A few stupid ratbags in a mosh pit aren’t representative of our proud multicultural city, where around 1 in 3 residents were born overseas,” Cr Shrinner wrote.

“I encourage anyone who has been let down by Azealia’s selfish snub to instead support some of Brisbane’s incredible local acts.”

Brisbane Lord Mayor slams Azealia Banks after tour chaos

Azealia Banks to perform postponed show in Melbourne

While Azealia Banks’ Brisbane show was cancelled, an earlier Melbourne that was postponed due to “visa issues” will go ahead this weekend.

But on Tuesday, the rapper vowed that she wouldn’t return to perform in Australia. She said fans should consider the chaotic local leg of shows a “farewell tour”.

“After this run this will be my very last time touring Australia,” she said.

“This place makes me utterly miserable.

“It’s too physically taxing for $0.61 on the USD to waste my time with this stressful bulls__t.”

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Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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  1. David Gadd
    16 December 2022

    I totally agree. International acts are snubbing queenslanders and coming up with pathetic excuses. Take Darryn Hayes for instance and his gold coast show. Its time these acts learn if they cant cut it in Brisbane then dont complain. more than likely she couldnt sell enough tickets and its another way of trying to cop out without aditting she is not good enough.

  2. Kangaroo Jack
    16 December 2022

    I love that folks are happy to be honest but probably better not to have booked the show initially.
    For the record I agree. Brisbane is a racist city, particularly for First Nations people.

  3. Trikky Dikky
    16 December 2022

    Never heard of her (or whoever she is or was)? Suspect actually some other reason? (poor ticket sales perhaps?), or why not cancel weeks ago? Anyway, good riddance – and good on ya’ Mayor, plenty better Aussie and Kiwi acts to support & follow…

  4. Chim
    19 December 2022

    Brisbane is a racist city. Stroll through CBD or any inner city shopping centre to view majority white folk. Professional circles are all white and anyone from North Qld that move to Brisbane are all definitely racist. Historical treatment in city of first nation people was horrendous. Homophobic and racist heritage. She is being honest.

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