Brisbane Christian school slammed for ‘inhumane’ gender contract

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A Brisbane Christian school has caused outrage after requiring parents to sign a contract stating their children must identify as their sex assigned at birth or face “exclusion” from the school.

Citipointe Christian College is located in Carindale, in Brisbane’s east, and enrols students from Prep to Year 12.

On Friday, the school’s principal, pastor Brian Mulheran (pictured above), emailed parents the new enrolment contract to sign.

It contained clauses on students’ gender identity and homosexuality. Mulheran said Citipointe Christian College requires students to adhere to their sex as assigned at birth.

“Whilst each student is individually valued and equally encouraged to pursue opportunities in both academic and co-curricular activities, I/we agree that, where distinctions are made between male and female (inclusive of, but not limited to, for example, uniforms, presentation, terminology, use of facilities and amenities, participation in sporting events and accommodation) such distinctions will be applied on the basis of the individual’s biological sex,” the contract states.

“The Parents acknowledge and accept that, should I/we not share the college’s commitment to fostering these fundamental doctrinal precepts, this will constitute a serious departure from the religious precepts upon which Citipointe Christian College is based.

“[This] will afford Citipointe Christian College the right to exclude a student from the College who no longer adheres to the College’s doctrinal precepts including those as to biological sex.”

In a declaration of faith included with the contract, the school condemns homosexual and bisexual acts as “sexual immorality” and “destructive to human relationships and society”.

The declaration compares homosexuality and bisexuality to bestiality, incest and paedophilia.

Mulheran wrote in the email the school had sought legal advice and could legally include the new clauses in its contract under existing state and federal laws.

Thousands sign petition against Citipointe Christian College contract

The contract sparked outrage at the weekend and went viral online. More than 31,000 people have signed a petition slamming the document.

Petitioner Bethany Lau, a former Citipointe student, said she was shocked by the “inhumane” clauses within it.

“Parents have been given a week to sign this new contract,” Lau wrote.

“Citipointe is using their religious beliefs to openly discriminate against queer and trans students, as well as threatening to take away their education.

“We will not stand for such blatant transphobia and homophobia.”

Citipointe Christian College Principal Brian Mulheran said the school had always held “these Christian beliefs” and the enrolment contract was to make them clear to parents.

“We are seeking to maintain our Christian ethos and to give parents and students the right to make an informed choice about whether they can support and embrace our approach to Christian education,” he said.

He claimed the school “does not judge students on their sexuality or gender identity and we would not make a decision about their enrolment in the College simply on that basis.”

“We unequivocally love and respect all people regardless of their lifestyle and choices, even if those choices are different to our beliefs and practice,” he said.

Trans man’s message to struggling students

However former Citipointe student and transgender man Samuel Martin said Mulheran’s response is in clear conflict with the conditions in the contract.

Martin said the contract conveyed a culture that existed at Citipointe Christian College for decades.

He described the shame he felt growing up for not being the person he was expected to be.

It led to depression and suicidal thoughts as a result, he told the Courier-Mail.

“If a kid attending the school is already questioning their gender identity or sexuality, it could be extremely harmful to their growth,” he said.

“Even the fear of being caught or repressing who they are to stay safe is difficult enough.

“[The] school does not seem to be coming from a place of compassion here.”

Martin stressed to any student who may be coming to terms with their identity that life gets better after school.

“I live a very successful life. I’m in a loving relationship. I have a strong support network and I’ve just bought a home,” he said.

“You can be yourself and live a happy, fulfilling life.”

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