Brisbane Boy Brandon Strips Off For New TV Dating Show ‘Undressed’

Would you spend your first date with someone in your underwear?

20-year-old Brisbane student Brandon will soon strip down on national TV when he appears on new reality dating show Undressed, which premiered on SBS on Monday night.


The show’s matched-up couples meet each other for the first time and undress each other down to their underwear in a room with only a queen bed and a large screen.

Each pair spends half an hour asking each other personal questions and completing activities that appear on the screen, and at the end, they’re each given the choice to stay and get to know their match better – or leave.

Brandon said he applied for the social experiment on a whim because it seemed like a “very different” way of dating, and he travelled to Sydney late last year to get undressed on camera with his match Ryan.

“I’ve only done online dating and met people out clubbing before, so I thought this would a better option,” he said.

“Online dating isn’t necessarily ‘online dating’ anymore. I’ve gotten inappropriate photos, been asked for sex… I was like ‘I’m over this!'”


Inspired by research that suggests you can accelerate attraction by encouraging physical and emotional contact, the show’s format originated in Italy.

But Brandon said he hadn’t seen any of the original series when it came time to film and he didn’t know what to expect.

“We were both very nervous. I was extremely nervous, but it was easier than I thought,” he said.

“After five minutes or so, it was like a normal date. After you sit down and introduce yourself and get comfortable, it was fine. We just chatted like everyday people, like we’d known each other for ages.

“Ryan was a bit older, which I liked. He was very apppealing, a real gentleman.



“I’m a very open person, I’m always shirtless or in my jocks around the house. So if you can handle me right now, you’re going to fit into my life very well. If we can do this on the first date, that’s awesome.”

But Brandon said not many members of his family know that he’d even applied for the show.

“I’ve only told one of my siblings and an auntie, and that’s it. I’m a bit nervous, I’ve got a few weeks left to tell the rest of the family!” he said.

Undressed is screening on Monday nights at 9:30pm on SBS, and the show’s first four episodes are available to stream on SBS’ website. See Brandon’s episode on SBS on February 27. Watch a sneak peek of the show below:

(All photos by Stu Bryce/SBS)