Two brides prove they’re ‘stronger together’ with wedding day deadlift

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A lesbian couple’s wedding ceremony in New York is going viral after the brides showed they’re “stronger together” with a tandem deadlift.

Zeena Hernandez and Lisa Yang, who got married inside Brooklyn’s Prospect Park last month, are both competitive weightlifters and finished off their vows with the impressive show of their strength.

After tying the knot on a dock in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, the couple stepped up onto an oriental rug.

The couple bent down together, planted their feet and lifted a 114 kg rainbow-coloured barbell for three reps in the tandem deadlift.

“Individually, we are strong capable women, but together we are stronger,” Hernandez, 27, told Women’s Health.

But the women stressed they were both capable of managing the weight separately as well.

“At the time, it seemed ridiculous because we’re Olympic weightlifters, deadlift isn’t even our main sport,” Yang said.

“But a snatch or clean-and-jerk in dresses might be a bit dangerous, so we settled on three deadlifts.”

Lesbian couple met through their weightlifting team

Zeena Hernandez introduced Yang to CrossFit, which later led to them joining the same weightlifting team.

The lesbian couple’s weightlifting sessions eventually turned into date nights. Their sport was so important they wanted to somehow include it in their wedding.

“We thought about the usual candle lighting, tree planting, sand pouring, and none of those things represented [us],” Yang told Women’s Health.

Hernandez added, “I was just so happy and in the moment. I mean, we were deadlifting in Prospect Park in wedding gowns professing our love. It was awesome!”

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