In today’s society, when a bride tosses her bouquet the catcher is viewed as the next single woman likely to wed.


In actual fact, the bouquet toss comes from early England, when women would try and rip bits of fabric or flowers off the bride’s dress as it was believed that it would bring good luck.

But, with the advent of same-sex marriage, perhaps it’s time to toss tradition out the window. 

A heterosexual bride in San Diego certainly changed the rules when she faked the throw and instead gave the bouquet to her gay friend.

The man’s partner then got down on one knee and asked the all-important question to a roar of celebration from the crowd around them.

The answer, although in tears, was “yes”.

One half of the couple later posted on JoeMyGod’s site: “LOL … I’m the guy sitting and crying in the video … How did you get this?!

My partner Mark and I have been together for 9 yrs and recently moved to Portland. We came home to San Diego for Stephanie and Tony’s wedding and Mark surprised me … I said yes.”

CLICK HERE to see what happened or watch the video below.

Of course, not everyone is down for this.

However, at this particular wedding, the bride had something much better than a ‘traditional’ bouquet toss up her sleeve. As she turned around to throw the bouquet, she shrieked with delight and ran over to a male friend to give him the bouquet. That cued that man’s boyfriend to swoop in and pop the question.

He even got down on one knee and proposed


The scene was clearly emotional. One woman in the crowd could not even handle the proposal.


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