Bride and Prejudice’s Chris Got Married… But Without His Parents

The gay man whose parents rejected his wedding invitation on Channel Seven reality show Bride and Prejudice has gotten married.

But in the heartbreaking finale of the series Chris’ parents refused to give him their blessing or attend his big day.


The show has followed Chris and his partner of three years Grant as they prepared for their wedding, as well as Chris’ attempts to convince his devout Jehovah’s Witness mother Yvonne and father Geoff, who live in Queensland, to attend.

Ahead of the wedding, Chris’ aunt and uncle showed him a video message from his mother that left him – and audiences – heartbroken.

“Chris you really are about to do something that we find very hard to accept, and that is to have a wedding ceremony,” his mother said, explaining that his father was too overwhelmed to appear on camera.

“I hold marriage very sacred, so I can’t give you that acceptance or be part of that part of your life.

“That part of your life is just not compatible with ours, but your life is yours to live as you see fit. We do love you, and we want you to keep well.”

17-03-14 Bride and Prejudice Screenshot - Chris Mum

After seeing the video, Chris said he just wants to “have some sort of relationship” with his parents, and their reaction had made him angry.

“I’ll always be there if they need me, but I’m not putting myself out there to be hurt by them anymore,” he said.

But despite the mixed emotions, Chris and Grant got married at an outdoor ceremony in Florida, with Chris’ aunt and uncle and Grant’s parents looking on.

“I hate to use the word blessed, but I do feel blessed,” Chris said after the wedding.

“Not everybody gets the chance to meet someone, and when you do you need to really hold onto them.”

Chris previously explained that he and Grant wanted to appear on the show to demonstrate that some parents of LGBTI people still don’t accept their relationships.


“A lot of people have come up on the street and shared their stories and said thank you for giving this a voice and starting the conversation,” he said.

17-03-14 Bride and Prejudice - Chris Wedding Kiss

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