Bride and Prejudice: Chris drops bombshell about mum’s past

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The gay man whose Queensland parents rejected an invitation to his wedding on reality TV show “Bride and Prejudice” has revealed his anti-gay mum used to work in gay bars “back in the day”.

Earlier this month, Chris’ parents rejected an invitation to his and fiance Grant’s wedding, in heartbreaking scenes that shocked Australia.

Mum Yvonne told him: “You know I’ve got very strong beliefs on that situation. For us, that’s not an option. We love you, but we really don’t want to be part of that.”

Chris told KIIS FM radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O in a candid chat on Tuesday morning that his mother is a “full-blown Jehovah’s Witness”.

“That whole religion gives my mum structure in her life. She found it at a time when she was a bit of a wild child,” he said.

“No-one knows this, but my mum actually used to work in gay bars back in the day.”

The shock jocks pressed Chris, asking him to elaborate on the driving force behind Yvonne’s anti-gay views.

“She had a bit of a tough time coming up… It’s more so along the belief side, it doesn’t have much to do with what she experienced there,” he said.

Chris added: “It’s not a unique story. We were at Mardi Gras Fair Day on the weekend and we were bombarded with similar stories where people had struggled with their parents.

“It’s still happening. That was one of the main reasons why Grant and I wanted to do the show, to tell the story and tell it right.

“Hopefully it was a bridge that we could build with my parents, because it would be great to have them there.”

Chris’ father also refused the invitation to his son’s wedding, despite not sharing his wife’s religious beliefs. Chris told Kyle and Jackie O he thought there would be a “higher chance” of his dad attending the wedding if it wasn’t for his mother’s beliefs.

“But I think they’re a team, they’ve been a team for the last 40-odd years,” he said.

On Monday night’s episode, “Bride and Prejudice” viewers saw Chris reunited with his parents to try and convince them to change their minds.

“Of course, I continue to try but every time I do, it still hurts,” an emotional Chris said on the show.

“I do love my parents, I just don’t love the way that we’ve become. I really want that to change. I’m going to try my best.”

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