Don’t ‘step away’, Brian Mulheran: climb down from your cross

brian mulheran citipointe christian college principal
Image: Citipointe Christian College

Pastor Brian Mulheran of Brisbane’s Citipointe Christian College announced in an email to parents that he will take extended leave. On Thursday, the school principal backed down on a contract that attempted to compel heterosexuality.

How does a man who thinks he can compel student sexuality by coercing their parents into signing a scrap of paper become a school principal?

Brian Mulheran, here’s a point even you might understand.

Throughout history, countless people suffered untold torture and even died rather than relinquish their sexuality or authentic identity.

The contract

Public outrage greeted news of the contract with criticism from former and current teachers, parents and students.

Even people Mulheran perhaps expected to support him like former student Lord Mayor Adrian Shrinner criticised the contract.

But when Prime Minister Scott Morrison went out of his way to buy into the controversy and condemn the contracts, Mulheran caved.

He revoked the contract soon after Morrison spoke.

The email

In his email, Brian Mulheran said he would step away to reflect on events and give the school ‘time to heal’.

Perhaps he also hopes that by the time he returns, students stop snickering every time he ventures into the playground.

Despite the widespread condemnation of his contract, Brian Mulheran still attempted to portray the discrimination as well-intentioned.

“Our intention was only to offer families a choice about how their children are educated, and to be open and transparent about our religious ethos that guides the way we teach and care for students.

“I am heartbroken that, by doing so, our college, and our community have suffered so much.”

Mulheran noted his devastation that students suffered “hurtful and hate-filled verbal assaults simply because of their beliefs or for attending the college.”

While he offers no evidence of said verbal assaults, they perhaps occurred. No student should suffer abuse because of their parent’s choice of school. But all communities contain people who lash out without thinking. Mulheran cannot deflect blame for his actions onto the response.

Finally, the now holidaying principal offered an apology to those who ‘felt’ discriminated against.

“I am sorry, sorry that some students felt that they may be being discriminated against at Citipointe. We would never discriminate against any student on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity.”


Perhaps instead of stepping away, the principal should climb down from his cross.

He’ll be back. No doubt, Reflection followed by Redemption and finally, Resurrection.

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1 Comment

  1. Yolande Stiffel
    5 February 2022

    This is what I have emailed to several Labour MPs expressing my fears, because Citipointe is just the beginning. The Principal is just biding his time till the law says he can do exactly as he pleases………
    ‘I am writing to plead with you to Kill this Religious Privilege Bill.
    Do we really want to create a Nazi-like environment in Australia. My parents left their homeland (Netherlands) after WWII, to get away from this.
    This discrimination Bill will target so many. Women can be told once again, to do as they are told by Men!
    Not exaggerating as those religions who want this Bill are not mainstream but religions who prefer Old Testament lifestyles.

    Just look at what happened in Texas, USA!
    The wheels are turning backwards!
    My family went through hell in the 1990s when our son came out. I went to my priest to find help for our son, but he just told me my son was no longer welcome in the Church and neither was I if I supported him.
    All our lives were threatened by messages on our answering machine; our daughter was beaten by girls from her Secondary Catholic girl’s college. I was terrified that if the staff, at the Catholic school where I taught, were to find out, I could lose my job. Most of all, We feared for our son.
    I thought all that was behind us.
    We all thought Australia was a safe country, but it won’t be if the LNP get this Bill passed. It will incite hatred and violence. We all know what the Nazis got away with.

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