Boy George didn’t like this selfie at all

Boy George

It’s not easy being a celebrity. You never know when one of your adoring fans might come up and request a selfie. Boy George should know that. But the boy is only human.

Culture Club singer Boy George recently obliged a female fan’s request. However, he wasn’t too happy with the results when the photo made its way to him via Twitter.

“Filtered your own eek but left me to the ravish of the hateful flash! Lol! #saynotoselfies,” George tweeted in response. Poor George! His heartless fan made herself look great while leaving him to the tenderless mercy of a heartless flash.

Then one of George’s Twitter followers jumped in by tweeting: “The camera can’t hide aging unless you have all the pro lights on your face. Embrace aging. #EndPlastic.”

But Boy George wrote back: “Bad lighting is bad lighting and she looks likes she’s about to rob a bank! Lol!”

We originally brought you the whole exchange but the fan since deleted her Twitter. How very dare she. We thought tweets lived forever like cave paintings in the Pyrenees. Or those cheeseburgers they find in sunken ships still edible after centuries. Wait a sec. We’re making shit up here. Oh well, be thankful. Be very thankful. We could take up drinking again.



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Nerelle Harper

Nerelle is a contributor for QN Magazine and QNEWS Online

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