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I recently visited Fiona of Greenhouse Therapy in the heart of Brisbane’s Annerley Junction. When I left, I felt like a new woman.

As I walked down the stairs to meet Fiona, I remembered my last massage in nervous anticipation, an experience that almost made me swear off massage therapy entirely.

It took a week for me to be able to lay on my back again. I felt worse than when I went in.

But Greenhouse Therapy has officially restored my faith.

Fiona hugged me when we met – a warm welcome to her business, an embodiment of her warm, vibrant energy. I immediately relaxed.

Unsure of the kind of treatment I was looking for, I sat with Fiona as she offered me a refreshing glass of lemon water.

We talked about her business and her decade-long career as a massage therapist.

She told me how she incorporates worldly influences into her practice, taking inspiration from a range of different cultures. “Hybrid Treatments,” Fiona called them.

Looking at Greenhouse Therapy’s services, I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Everything was so enticing.

I looked to Fiona for guidance, told her the parts of my body that needed work. Her outstanding expertise then became clear.

The Greenhouse way

My session began with smooth hot stones to the bottom of my feet, sending my body into an instant state of relaxation.

If that wasn’t heavenly enough, Fiona had me inhale a mint-chocolate scented essential oil, throwing me into a temporary state of Zen.

Fiona worked on my back and legs, massaging out the knots she knew I’d developed from sitting in front of a computer all day.

She listened when I told her about my aches and worked her magic as she relieved them one by one. Fiona knew exactly what to do.

My session ended with and Indian head massage, a newly learned technique Fiona said is her favourite to perform.

If you think your partner gives the best head scratches, think again.

Fiona doused my scalp in essential oils and applied careful pressure to the points which needed them most, relieving tension in areas I didn’t even know I had.

After the session, Fiona offered me a warm, house-made tea and some chocolate.

Her loving nature, expertise, and open arms are everything I’ve been looking for in a massage therapist.

We sat together and debriefed on the session I’d wished never ended.

Before Greenhouse Therapy I’d almost sworn of massage. Now, I can’t wait to go back.

To book an appointment with Greenhouse Therapy, visit the Facebook page here.

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