Book review: All About Yves by Dr Yves Rees captivates

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All About Yves is a trans story. The book by award-winning writer and historian Dr Yves Rees will capture your heart and mind.

This tale of self-identity and discovery is a captivating read about one person’s trans experience.

At age 30 Yves began to understand they were trans.

Realisation dawned while holidaying across the world with years of questions answered in a single shining moment.

But with that single realisation comes a series of continual questions, hesitations and a deeper quest about understanding themselves and what it means to truly understand yourself.

What follows is a captivating journey through the body and mind exploring one person’s understanding of their trans experience.

As Yves acknowledges in the opening notes “Don’t take my experience or opinions as representative. My perspective is no one’s but my own. I cannot speak for anyone else.”

This is their story as they chronicle their journey, carrying the reader through milestone moments of discovery.

From the first moment of realisation in Canada to the beautiful neatness of discovering their new name. Yves details these moments with raw simplicity and perfect detail. Each moment held in the palm of the reader as they relive this moment in time.

Dr Yves Rees explores gender and society

For readers of any gender, Yves story is a poignant account of exploring gender and society.

Their story examines what it is to be man or woman and why.

Questions leap from the page. The reader journeys seamlessly from one situation to another. As a historian, Yves is educated, eloquent, and articulate. Storytelling moments ease into moments of education and also understanding. Yves shares just the facts and information we need to comprehend their reality.

We witness fragile instances of anxiety in the transition from Anne to Yves in the smallest moments. A new wallet ordered online marks the celebration of a new beginning, with a new name. Anxious moments draw out as Yves waits in line at the post office, clutching the postage slip addressed to Yves while their birth name identification sits heavily in their pocket. Nervousness mounts as the two identities hang in the balance. The story pulls the reader into the fear and dread of being outed, denied or shut down. Relief flows when the moment passes without incident. The moment, however, poignantly illustrates the identity struggle faced by those in the trans community.

“I still don’t want to be perceived as a man, ‘cause I’m not one, but I cant’ bear to be seen as a woman anymore.”

All about Yves is a strong and powerful memoir that speaks to the struggles of understanding gender and identity in a modern world. Despite the struggles, however, All About Yves is also about the joy and power in taking the time to discover who you really are in a world that is ever-changing around you.

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