Bob Katter compares NRL pride jersey to the Holocaust in wild rant

bob katter manly nrl players wild rant holocaust nazi pride jersey
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Bob Katter has likened the “persecuted” NRL players boycotting the Manly Sea Eagles pride jersey to Jews in Nazi Germany in a wild press conference.

The Queensland MP waved around a Bible at Parliament House as he made “the most important statement I’ve ever made” ahead of the Manly Sea Eagles’ match on Thursday.

Seven of the NRL club’s players withdrew from the match after refusing to wear the one-off rainbow jerseys on cultural and religious grounds.

The players’ boycott, which has been accepted and supported by the club, sparked debate and reaction all week ahead of the Sydney match.

And on Thursday, Bob Katter weighed in, saying he “couldn’t be more appalled” and argued the NRL pride jersey is an example of “religious persecution”.

“You believe in this book, you’re gonna be persecuted, they’re coming for you. So stand up,” he said.

“I’m sorry, people like myself in our cowardice haven’t stood up before but now we must.”

Katter went on, “Six million people were sent to the gas chambers in Germany because they believed in this book. No other reason.

“It started pretty unthreateningly, ‘Oh, we just want you to tell us whether you believe in the Bible and that you’re a Jew.'”

Bob Katter went on to claim “this continued persecution is well and truly alive today.”

“Just have a look at what’s happened to these seven boys from Manly,” he said.

“They have been persecuted for no other reason than they have moral convictions. Whether you agree with their convictions, or not, is irrelevant.”

Katter also spoke at length likening the “persecuted” players’ situation to Israel Folau, Cardinal George Pell and former Governor-General Peter Hollingsworth.

Bob Katter says boycotting players are ‘heroes’

Bob Katter said “every decent member of society” should see the players as “heroes”.

“Whether you agree with them or not, they have stood up for what they believe in at great personal sacrifice and that is truly admirable,” he said.

“This is what the people of self-righteous arrogance have done to them.”

But earlier this week, Manly coach Des Hasler accepted the players’ withdrawal from the match. Hasler apologised to both the players and the LGBTIQ+ community for the club’s “significant mistake” of lack of consultation.

Hasler “sincerely apologised” to the players and said their “cultural and religious views must always be considered”.

“We accept your cultural beliefs and hope that you can accept our apology,” Des Hasler said.

Hasler went on to apologise to the LGBTIQ+ community “whose human rights we were attempting to support”.

Katter says inclusion initiative ‘prostitutes’ NRL

Bob Katter went on to argue the NRL pride jersey “prostitutes” the game and argued the saga had “destroyed the lives of these young men” despite bosses supporting their decision.

The MP claimed he has nothing against LGBTIQ+ Australians. But Katter said the jerseys should not have been made and blasted inclusion initiatives for doing “untold damage” to the game.

“The irony that this club is called Manly. They have been doing untold damage to the game of rugby league,” he said.

“To prostitute our great game and use it to promote your beliefs, that is the complete opposite of what rugby league is.

“It’s a brotherhood, you stick by your mates. It is a manly game.

“Well how did the Manly club love their fellow players?

“Where is the commitment of the captain to his team? Does he look after them or sell them out and throw them on the scrap heap?

“They should never have used our game to promote [their] private opinions, whether it’s on politics or religion. It should never come into the game.”

Magda Szubanski invokes Bible verses in ‘tolerance’ message

Bob Katter’s press conference came a day after Magda Szubanski also invoked the Bible in her response to the pride jersey saga.

Szubanski wrote in a series of tweets that the players’ response to the jersey’s message failed to show the tolerance Christianity teaches.

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  1. Peter Turner
    28 July 2022

    I’m sorry but I am over this!

    Yet again everybody else’s human rights come before ours.

    These players are denying the long history of gender fluid people in Polynesian culture right up to the arrival of Christian missionaries.

    They are demanding we respect their cultural and religious traditions and freedoms while refusing to support our freedoms.

    Why do their “rights” , and everyone elses ALWAYS trump ours.

  2. Paul
    28 July 2022

    2022, since Covid – society has unfortunately gotten completely backwards. What happened Australia seriously?

  3. Julian
    29 July 2022

    . The price of this LGBTQ rainbow strip T Shirt is $156 dollars and it’s also advertising Gambling
    What a rip off Made probably in china for $5 dollars from Polyester.

  4. Sonya Frost
    29 July 2022

    Prehistoric dinosaur

  5. 2 August 2022

    We are all connected to each other through Atoms, DNA, and being human. We should all just get along and stop being so self centred and start to join in unity and save humanity before its too late. Being LGBTIQ can be one of the hardest moments in our lives, but guys we don’t just want to jump your bones, we have friends as well, we live and function just as equally as you do. So have some thought and care when it comes to viewing and accepting all our views. We all need to get a long seriously before its too late.

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