Blu Hydrangea opens up about gender struggle on Drag Race

Blue Hydrangea Drag Race UK Vs The World

Drag Race UK superstar Blu Hydrangea has opened up about their struggles with gender.

Blu is currently competing in RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK Vs the World.

 During episode two Blu shared their struggles during a heartfelt and emotional chat in the workroom.

Blu Hydrangea: “I didn’t understand what was wrong with me”

Blu Hydrangea first graced our screens on Drag Race UK season one.

Since then they have made a name for themselves with their makeup skills online.

Lastest year it was announced that Blu Hydrangea would host a new show Stitch, please!

But the star revealed on Rupaul’s Drag Race: UK Vs The World they have struggled with their gender along the way.

Whilst chatting with Cheryl Hole and Jujubee about their experience with drag Blu opened up.

“The main thing I struggled with with drag, I find was that I put Blu first.”

“She was this beautiful creature that I turned into and was the only time that I was confident in my body.”

“Body image is something I’ve always struggled with,” Blu told the camera during their confessional.

“But then I found drag and I thought ‘the only thing making me happy is being this woman’ and that then led me to be confused about my gender.”

” I was so happy as Blu there was like this gender dysphoria I suppose.”

“I know that I’m not male or female. I’m just somewhere in between.”

As the three queens chatted in the workroom Cheryl Hole and Jujubee shared their own experiences.

Cheryl told of her experiences over the years. “People would give me more attention and I would be like is this what people want? Is this the voice I’ve been suppressing all this time?”

For Jujubee it was all about understanding a shift in perception and around gender.

“I’ve had to shift the way that I perceived things. Because it’s almost like the same painting, but it’s a different angle we’re looking at it from” she shared.

Blu went on to discuss how they kept their struggles with her identity from those around them.

“At one point I even thought I was trans. For a long time, I just didn’t understand what was wrong with me, why I wasn’t happy with myself.”

“I wasn’t sure what gender I was, I wanted to be maybe trans? No one else knows about this, I was completely keeping it secret.”

“I didn’t feel like a male or a woman.”

But it was their time on Drag Race UK and meeting other queens with different experiences and knowledge that brought Blu peace with their identity.

“Being on the show with people like Davina who was so well educated made me realize that gender is such a spectrum.”

“I don’t know where I fall on it. I know that I’m not male or female. I’m just somewhere in between.”

Cheryl Hole summed it up neatly, “You’re Blu.”

“I feel like there’s still a long way to go, I feel like I don’t know enough about all the genders and all the pronouns to label myself, maybe I don’t even want to label myself” they concluded.

“But all I know now is that I’m happy being me.”

Following the episode, Blue revealed on Twitter the pronouns they are now comfortable with.

Rupaul’s Drag Race: UK Vs The World airs Wednesdays on Stan in Australia

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