Bizarre Anti-Gay ‘Illuminati’ Banner Hung Above Brisbane Motorway

A large banner hung from an overpass on the M1 at Springwood on Tuesday suggesting marriage equality is an Illuminati plot has been widely mocked online.

A photo of the anti-gay and anti-Semitic banner posted to Facebook shows it featured crudely hand-drawn pairs of male and female sex organs touching, and reads “Only the Illuminati, Jewish media, sell-out government, and homosexuals want gay marriage. Wake up sheeple.”

“In their defence, if I had a dick I’d probably sword fight with it,” the user who posted the photo wrote about the drawings.

Another commented: “Is that meant to be two vaginas touching? I do not think they have ever actually seen a vagina.”

One user joked: “I’m not in the media or the govt, and I’m not homosexual but I want gay marriage. Does that mean I’ve joined the Illuminati without realising?”

Fairfax Media reported the banner was hung above three northbound lanes of the M1 on the side of the Watland Street overpass at Springwood on Tuesday morning, and had since been removed.

LGBTI Legal Service president Matilda Alexander told Fairfax the same-sex marriage survey had given far-right groups a platform for messages of hate and vilification.

“This is a public act that exposes people to a form of homophobia that we hadn’t seen before the vote,” she said.

Dr Dvir Abramovich of the Anti-Defamation Commission also condemned the banner’s “cowardly, hateful” messages aimed at “intimidating and maligning the LGBTI community.”

“It is also disturbing that the sign peddles anti-Semitic rhetoric and lies. Sadly, since the debate about marriage equality began, we have seen a significant uptick in incidences of vandalism by white supremacists and bigots,” he said.

“It’s therefore critical that we all pledge to rebuke prejudice and to promote harmony in our nation.”

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