Birds of a Feather: Cosy romance novel celebrates feminism and queerness

Birds of a Feather
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New novel Birds of a Feather is a cosy romance that explores a historical queer love story.

Centered around the relationship between a granddaughter (Beth) and grandmother (Elise), the pair track down Elise’s long lost love, Gerry.

However, Beth soon finds out Gerry is a woman and her grandmother’s great love was thwarted by societal expectations. 

Birds of a Feather is the debut novel from author Rhianna King.

Ms King said admist COVID-19 lockdowns, writing became an escape- and the basis for her debut novel.


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“I wanted to explore how older queer women, whose lives were shaped by societal expectations, navigate a world where there is an increasingly greater acceptance of sexual diversity,” Ms King said.

“Women who were university educated in the 1940s and 1950s were strong, brave pioneers of their day. But those who identified as queer often hid their sexuality.

“I wanted to provide 82-year-old Elise with the opportunity to embrace her queerness, and reconnect with a lover from her past.

“I also hope that, in some small way, I am helping to increase the representation of queer relationships in contemporary mainstream fiction.”

While Birds of a Feather is for everyone, Ms King said she hoped her book would fall into the hands of someone who may not typically read queer literature.

“I hope that readers see that it’s never too late to embrace and celebrate different facets of your identity and your sexuality, or reconnect with lovers of your past,” she said.

“I also hope the book emboldens people to trust in fate, and encourages them to grab every chance for happiness with both hands.”

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