Big Mother? Is this RuPaul’s next project?

RuPaul Big Mother

Big Mother is the latest Drag Race spinoff that RuPaul is allegedly working on and it has all of the internet talking this week.

Although the project is only on a rumour at this stage, it’s an interesting one.

Fans are speculating heavily about who is involved and if it will go ahead.

RuPaul’s ‘Big Mother

At this stage the RuPaul empire is expanding at light speed, with more Drag Race seasons than we can count, it is rumoured the drag star is working a new project, Big Mother.

Currently RuPaul’s World of Wonder creations have seen the Drag Race franchise branch out world wide.

With spinoffs in the UK, Australia, Canada, France, The Philippines and more RuPaul seems unstoppable.

Now rumours of a Big Mother television show have drawn the attention of fans worldwide.

The information and an accompanying image have popped up over night.

The description of the program alleges that RuPaul will front the program which will be similar to Big Brother, but with Drag Queens.

“RuPaul’s Big Mother will see 10 franchise favourite queens holed up together in a luxury house with 70 Cameras, 120 microphones and a Whole host of Dragtacular challenges” reads the blurb circulating online.

It is claimed to be part of a new Netflix live format and will allegedly run for 4 weeks.

Fans will apparently be “able to watch the queens 24/7, 7 days a week with Multi camera functionality.”

Who is involved in Big Mother?

RuPaul is of course being plugged as the face of Big Mother, which it is claimed will stream on Netflix.

However the anonymous source for these rumours also lay claim to a variety of fan favourites already being in consideration.

All Stars 2 favourites Adore Delano, Ginger Minj, Alyssa Edwards and Katya are being named as potential contestants.

Other names attached are apparently Kennedy Davenport, Manila Luzon, Thorgy Thor, Tammie Brown, Heidi N Closet and Willam.

The contestants will allegedly “eat, sleep and breath Drag as they compete for $150 000 grand prize by evicting their fellow queens.”

It’s an interesting list of contestants that would certainly see fans flocking to the program.

However some fans are cautiously skeptical of the concept and potential cast list.

With Willam famously being disqualified from Drag Race and Adore Delano walking off All Stars it seems strange they would be involved.

Many fans online have claimed both of these Drag Race stars have shut down the rumours already.

Whether Big Mother will become a reality or just another internet pipe dream remains to be seen.


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Michael James

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  1. Peter Turner
    28 May 2022

    To be honest…Who cares!!!

    In my humble opinion Ru Paul should consider the term “over exposure”.

    It was all great in the beginning but spin-off after spin-off is just getting tiresome. I, and most of my friends, are no longer interested.

    Hey, but if that’s your thing then go ahead and support Ru Paul ‘s ascension into the elite super rich.

    Copying the Big Brother franchise and just dropping in some drag queens IMO just falls flat as another reality television series to be avoided at all cost

  2. Joel
    29 May 2022

    But wasn’t the first season of drag race a spin off of top model? And it ended up being more entertaining so what’s your point? I’m hyped for this idea I’ve been wanting to see adore again anyway:)

  3. Peter Turner
    30 May 2022

    Yes it was but that show was novel and entertaining. The more recent incarnations are, imo, just more of the same.

    You think differently so by all means watch the show.

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