Beth Ditto Pays Tribute to Madonna in First Look at Jean-Paul Gaultier Fashion Collaboration

Gossip singer Beth Ditto will unveil her new plus size fashion line in
February, in collaboration with longtime friend Jean-Paul Gaultier.

And she’s launching the line with a shirt that features one of
Madonna’s most iconic looks.

The t-shirt is emblazoned on the front and back with Gaultier’s famous
cone bra corset, immortalised by Madonna on her 1990 Blond Ambition

The pair explained the new fashion line will “feature current styling with
a vintage flair,” with “vibrant prints and well-tailored pieces, with silks,
rayons and embroidery that are frequently missing from plus-size lines.”

“This line is by us, for us,
period. It’s my lifelong dream
to get to design real clothes
for big people, clothes that are
comfortable and cool,” Beth

“Jean Paul is the most generous,
positive person, he truly loves
women of all sizes and ages and
knows how to make everyone
feel gorgeous.”

Beth previously walked the
runway for Jean-Paul in 2010,
and in 2013 she wore a Gaultier
gown as she married longtime
partner Kristin Ogata in Hawaii.

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