Best man proposes to bride’s married father at wild Mackay wedding

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A Queensland woman has claimed she went to wedding in Mackay and witnessed the best man propose to the bride’s father, in front of his wife.

On Tuesday, a listener called in to Triple M radio show The Rush Hour with AB & Elliot to share with the hosts “the wildest story they’ve ever heard”. Mackay-based listener Louisa called Annabelle Brett and Elliot Lovejoy with the yarn.

Louisa explained a friend had invited her to the wedding after the friend’s date had cancelled on her. She didn’t personally know the people at the wedding.

The Queensland woman went on to recall that the wedding was fairly uneventful “until the best man decided to get up and do his speech.” Uh oh.

“The best man started talking about the love of his life,” she explained.

“About how this person had been an inspiration, how if they could, they would love to acknowledge their presence and one day marry them.

“And then he pointed to the bride’s father.”

Mackay bride and groom ‘crying’ after best man’s wedding shock

The Triple M hosts burst out laughing and immediately asked the obvious question, “Was the father of the bride married?”

“Yes,” Louisa replied.

“The mother of the bride very, very tactfully threw a bottle of wine at the man.

“My friend and I were sitting there trying very hard to be polite.

“The bride and groom start crying and the best man is there on his knee with a ring for the father.”

The radio hosts demanded further details from Louisa. The Mackay listener explained that the best man’s proposal was not a prank or a stunt.

“The [bride’s] father and mother divorced, and [the two men] did get married,” she said, to the hosts’ utter disbelief.

But the Mackay woman maintained, “No, it actually did happen. They were having a secret affair for about ten years.”

The radio show later shared the story to their Instagram, writing, “We were absolutely NOT expecting this WILD tale from Louisa today.”

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