Benjamin Law celebrates two decades with partner Scott

Benjamin Law and Scott Spark
Image: Instagram

Benjamin Law has celebrated his and his partner Scott’s anniversary by posting cute throwback photos flashing back twenty years.

The Queensland-born writer and broadcaster, who’s 41, first met his partner Scott Spark at high school and they’ve been together for years.

“Two decades later, and this local skinhead and hot permed mess are back to their same haircuts from their early 20s,” Ben wrote on Instagram this week, sharing photos of them then and now.

“Happy anniversary, @scottspark. Your buzzcut always makes my curls tighten.”

People flocked to the comments to wish the pair a happy anniversary.

“Power couple of the ages,” one person wrote.

‘We’ve been the constant in each other’s lives’

In 2010, Benjamin Law told his story of growing up in Nambour, Queensland in his book The Family Law.

The memoir would later become the SBS series of the same name that premiered in 2016 and ran for three seasons.

Ben told Mamamia‘s No Filter podcast in 2019 that he’s slightly older than Scott, but the pair went to the same high school together.

“When your year level’s different, you may as well be universes apart in a school,” Ben recalled.

“But then Scott started working for my dad’s restaurant, and I’m like, ‘Wow, your hair has grown. You look like a man now. I’m gonna have me some of that.’

“I had the hunch that he might be one of us and that hunch was confirmed through alcohol.

“If Attenborough did like a documentary about Australian youth it would be, ‘The Australian youth courts with a bottle of Passion Pop.’ That’s what I did.”

Ben told the podcast he and Scott have “been longer together than any married couple we know of our generation”.

“We’ve done a lot of long distance. There was a break there. But in that time, we’ve been the constant in each other’s lives.”

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Jordan Hirst

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1 Comment

  1. Michael Reid
    5 January 2024

    I have been aware of this modern day love union for past 15+ years, since I was waiting inside the big auditorium at the Powerhouse, almost on my own. These 2 tall young gentleman entered a short while later. Mr. Law’s partner Mr. Spark caught my gaze & decided to sit beside me, when there was so much choice they could have spent what looked like a much longed for ‘date night’. I really didn’t know whom either were that night. But after becoming aware Scott was a local Brisbane singer songwriter just beginning to put his life experience to date into captivating personal melodies. Benjamin I discovered I had noticed as a columnist in mainstream newspaper for awhile When he became more of a (welcomed fresh) presence on public & societal discourse. Then through all his books (with one in particular becoming a must see, unmissable SBS TV Series), to Radio & Podcast shows, it is always wonderful to hear what he is up to next. Scott has not been heard, from for quite a while now. However to have affirmed by a credible source (QNEWS) they still remain as a Happy Couple in 2024, IS Top Shelf acknowledgment, we can & do have our own honestly successful long term partnerships in our communities, we might do well to celebrate more often when & where appropriate to do so.

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