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The Deputy Leader of the Nationals Barnaby Joyce on marriage in 2015: Asia will see Australia as ‘decadent’ if the country legalises same-sex marriage.

QNews updates a 2015 story about Barnaby Joyce and marriage following his recent wedding to the former staffer he impregnated while married to someone else.

First published July 5, 2015 by Staff Writers.

Update by Destiny Rogers December 26, 2023.

This didn’t age well for the rabble-rousing attention seeker. Barnaby Joyce first entered parliament as a Queensland senator tagged Barnaby Rubble by political opponents. He moved to the lower house in 2013 as member for the NSW seat of New England. 

Elected Nationals leader in 2016, Joyce became Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. 😳

Marriage Equality

Following the nonsensical comments reported in this article, Joyce continued to campaign in defense of ‘traditional marriage’.

But within months of Australia voting overwhelmingly for same-sex marriage, the Australian media finally published a story already well-known to the Twitterverse.

Joyce had left his wife and was living with a former media advisor almost 20 years his junior — WHO WAS PREGNANT TO HIM!

How’s that for traditional marriage? 

After resigning as Nationals leader during the consequent controversy, Joyce returned to the position in 2021 but lost a leadership spill following the coalition’s 2022 election loss.

The original 2015 article

Barnaby Joyce has joined the anti-same-sex marriage chorus, warning of consequences with Asian trading partners.

“I think that what we have to understand is that when we go there (Asia), there are judgments, whether you like it or not, that are made about us and they see in how we negotiate with them whether they see us as – whether they see us as decadent.”

Joyce says Australia should not necessarily take its cues or cultural values from its near neighbours. However, his comments echo fellow cabinet minister Eric Abetz’ warning last week that Australia should not legalise gay marriage because no Asian country has done so.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

Joyce told ABC’s Insiders that he doesn’t believe we should be redefining marriage.

“Marriage for me is in the traditional form.

“In life, everybody doesn’t get everything they want.”

Marriage should be “inherently there for the support of children or given the prospect of children or the opportunity of children.

“I think that every kid has a right, absolute right to know her or his mother and father and also has – should be given the greatest opportunity to know their biological mother and father.

“I don’t think if you go and pass a piece of legislation and say a diamond is a square, (that) makes diamonds squares, they’re two different things.”

Australian Marriage Equality national director Rodney Croome told Fairfax Media that “to say children are better off brought up by a mum and dad reinforces prejudice against the children raised by same-sex couples and is just plain wrong”.

Horse has bolted

Rodney Croome said the horse has bolted on gay parenting in Australia.

“About 20 percent of Australia’s 50,000 same-sex couples are raising children.”

Meanwhile, Abetz defended penning a rebuke to Hobart City Council for expressing support for same-sex marriage.

The senator said the council’s resolution “undermines the important social institution of marriage.” He said it had nothing to do with the priorities of ratepayers.

Senator Abetz earlier suggested frontbenchers who supported change should resign. He said allowing same-sex marriage would open a Pandora’s box. It could potentially lead to polyamory (the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all people involved).

Coalition divisions erupted over same-sex marriage last week. A marriage equality bill moved by Liberal Warren Entsch, seconded by Labor’s Terri Butler and backed by a multi-party grouping, will be introduced when Parliament resumes in August

Abbott a roadblock

Senator Penny Wong slammed Abetz’s comments, labeling them “illogical and outright offensive”.

She also accused Prime Minister Tony Abbott of being an extraordinary roadblock on the issue.

“He keeps finding excuses not to talk about it,” she said. “It’s time for him to get out of the way.”

Abbott has played down the prospect of a vote on Mr Entsch’s bill. He warned it was unusual for a private member’s bill to get that far.

It has prompted speculation he will use parliamentary processes to shut debate down.

More about the man Twitter Wits tagged The Beetrooter :

Was Joyce just tip of traditional marriage hypocrisy iceberg? (Spoiler – YEP!)

traditional marriage hypocrisy iceberg alan tudge

Barnaby In Art: Kulcha with a capital K.

Image: @DirtyCreature__ Twitter

The fall and fall of Anti-Marriage Equality Pollies.

Anti-Marriage Equality Pollies

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