Europe: balcony music in a time of 21st-century pandemic

balcony music 21-st century pandemic

All over Europe, people are in lockdown in small apartments. But amidst the uncertainty of a 21st-century pandemic, balcony music is lifting spirits and bringing people together.

Balcony concerts of My Heart Will Go On, Imagine and Hallelujah

Earlier last week, Barcelonian pianist Alberto Gestoso set up his keyboard to play on the balcony while partner Ramon Santana filmed. Hearing Alberto’s piano solo of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ saxophonist Alexander Lebron Torrent, who lives in a neighbouring building, joined him in a duet from his balcony.

Alberto then posted his thanks to Alex and his neighbours for staying home during the pandemic.

“Because together this will be easier.

“Thank you @alexlebrontorrent for your music and your spirit these hard days of quarantine.

“Thank you all for staying home.

“#I stay at home”

My Heart Will Go On from Alex’s balcony


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The pair now perform regular balcony concerts for their neighbourhood. Alex posted on Friday following a duet balcony performance of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

“So much has happened in 2 weeks in the name of darkness and after this, we will wake up in another world. A new, a different society with so many new uncertainties.

“But in all of this madness there so nice to see all this “coming together”… me and @albertogestoso came together sharing our passion with first our neighbours, because music has the power to heal… and oh my god, then with the amazing help and support from all of you I now have the pleasure to speak with the world (my thumbs are shaking atm).

“I feel so humbled by all the support and the fact that we have touched and “helped” so many people all over the world… so, of course, we want to give you more!”



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In their latest balcony music concert, the pair performed Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. Alex posted his hope for the future after the pandemic.

“Higher powers brought us together to heal us and hopefully our beloved earth.

“Like @albertogestoso just said, “together this will be easier”. Such a pleasure my friend!!!.

“It’s just amazing to see so many beautiful things and signs from people doing what they can to uplift their communities! Thank you all!!.

“Take care, everybody, stay safe and feel the love!!!😀😀”



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