Baiters targeting sportsmen including gay Brisbane teams

baiters gay brisbane teams

Baiters from a large internet forum are currently targeting members of two gay Brisbane sporting teams. Also yesterday, a member of the forum posted a baited masturbation video of a professional Australian sportsman based in the US. The baiters solicit explicit images from users of hookup apps to share, trade and sell.

As QNews reported yesterday, baiters scam victims into sending them explicit imagery. They use ‘bait-files’ containing hundreds of videos and images of models they believe their targets will find sexually attractive. Better quality bait-files also include forged identity documents of the fake persona. Additionally, baiters utilise techniques that make pre-recorded videos appear to be part of a real-time conversation.

Professional sportsmen

The video of the professional sportsman originated from a Twitter page that sells baited imagery. Both the video and all mentions of the sportsman’s name disappeared from the website earlier today. Website admins quickly delete content depicting those who possess the resources to take legal action. For example, it bans any mention of a professional AFL player who performed on a cam site a few years ago. Stolen footage of the player masturbating and using a vibrator remains much sought after. However, that footage disappears very quickly from any site it appears on.

The website claims to disallow stolen or baited content. Despite that, the owner specifically states he only removes content after receiving legal DMCA takedown notices. Admins also delete images or discussion they become aware concerns underage persons.

But in reality, the majority of member-posted content on the site is either stolen or baited.

Brisbane Hustlers

Baiters and those who commission content from them, often target sportspeople.

In the last week, members of the forum have been requesting images of two gay Brisbane sporting teams. One post asked for the private images of any members of the Brisbane Hustlers Rugby team.

baiters gay Brisbane sporting teams

Dale Napier, Vice President of the Hustlers told QNews the team recognised why people found sportspeople attractive but that everyone should respect boundaries.

“Doxxing, catfishing and other invasions of privacy come from a place of desire. Whether focused on a celebrity, sports star, influencer or an acquaintance, it causes some to ignore the taboo, and laws, on invading other people’s privacy.

“Footy shorts and speedos are a staple gay fantasy. People have always found sexual appeal in athletic performance and sporting clothing. However, baiting and doxxing sportspersons — ignoring issues of consent — is wrong.

“Hustlers recognise the sexual appeal of our sport. In fact, we hold an annual fund-raiser called Rugger Bugger where we dance and take our clothes off. Like most LGBTIQ+ sporting teams, Hustlers also welcomes everyone. Instead of doxxing, baiting and invading the privacy of sportspeople, join a team.”

Dale speaks on the subject from personal experience.

“I previously had personal pics show up on the net. Thankfully, they were from years ago but it changed how I interact with people on apps.

“I now don’t send anything I wouldn’t be happy to see on the net in years to come because I know from experience that could well happen.”

Second gay Brisbane team targeted

Members of the website also targeted a member of a second gay Brisbane team in a series of posts.

The sportsperson told QNews that consenting adults should be safe to share private content without fear of their privacy being infringed.

“People sharing personal content without permission ignore the possible consequences to a person’s family relationships and future employment prospects.

“Baiting people is not only illegal, it displays a complete lack of self-respect and empathy for fellow human beings.”

baiters gay brisbane teams b aited masturbation video

In response to concerns about yesterday’s article, QNews notes that we do not censor the identities of people involved in baiting to protect them. We do it so that we are not faciliatting access to baited images.

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