Baiters distributing Aussie Tik Toker’s nude underage vid

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Baiters are currently distributing a video of an Aussie Tik Tok star nude. The footage was shot before the influencer turned 18 earlier this year. Baiters first posted copies of the video to Twitter in late June. More recently, members of a network that shares, trades and sells stolen and baited content identified the subject as a prominent young Australian influencer. They then posted his name, place of residence and social media links online.

In the last week, commenters began to taunt the young influencer on his social media about the video.

“My mans, I found naughty videos of you yesterday.”

“Only Fans is a last resort.”

“OMGGG. I saw you on Twitter. I saw your vid.”


The imposition of pandemic restrictions over the last six months saw a boom in online sexwork. Huge numbers of the newly unemployed turned to camming or creating content for subscription services to replace lost income. Unfortunately, this came with a corresponding increase in the sharing, trading and sale of stolen content. It also led to an increase in ‘baiting’ — the use of fake online personas to scam explicit photos and videos.

Some turned baiting into a lucrative profession, selling baited content online and accepting commissions to target specific people.

Others specialise in tracking the real identity of people pictured in explicit content. (More on that tomorrow.)

One online forum quickly developed a reputation as a clearinghouse of baited and stolen content. While the website claims to disallow both, the preponderance of content posted by members is either stolen or baited. The website owner refuses to delete content unless contacted by the copyright owner with a legal DMCA takedown notice.

The terms and conditions of the site also claim to ban the sharing of people’s real identities. Yet, that occurs on a daily basis. Numerous posts today link to a blog selling the real name and social media links of one of the top-earning male cammers in the world — an anonymous Queensland man.

The stolen and baited imagery is the main lure of the website. However, the site owner — a straight man who keeps his own identity private — restricts access to photos and videos to members. Membership costs US$29.99 monthly.

While the owner claims not to profit from stolen or baited content, we can add 1 + 1. Or in this case, 29.99 plus 29.99 plus 29.99…

Aussie Tik Tok star nude vid

It appears someone commissioned a now-suspended Twitter user to bait the social media influencer for explicit photos. The video afterwards showed up on Twitter.

A member of the internet forum then posted a link asking for help identifying the subject. Other members trawled Tik Tok until they identified footage shot in the same room as the baited video. They then posted the details to the online forum and Twitter.

Involvement in obtaining or sharing underage content is illegal.

Apparently unaware of the man’s age, baiters did discuss the morality of obtaining his images.

Not that any thought his images should not be obtained.

They confined their discussion to an argument over who had the moral right to obtain them.


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