Babysitting Company Shames Anti-Gay Customer on Facebook

The owners of Sydney-based babysitting company Reach Kids were left shocked after a potential client made some “outrageous” anti-gay demands in their request for a babysitter.

The company took to Facebook to share screenshots of text messages from the client reading: “The babysitter will need to be from a Christian background as we are a faith driven household.

“In addition, we also request that the babysitter supports our teaching of anti-gay marriage, and does not support the gay/rainbow flag community.

“We are just asking for a normal person, not one with coloured hair or supporting radical gender theories. We want to raise our kids to be normal.”

But the Reach Kids owners weren’t impressed, posting the screenshots with the message: “We are incredibly supportive of diversity within our community. Whilst we recognise not everyone feels the same, we firmly believe in equal rights for all, including the LGBT+ community.

“We can understand someone wanting a baby sitter whose religious beliefs align with their own, but to ask that the person serving you openly disrespects another group of people is outrageous!

“We have since turned away this customer’s business based on their discriminatory behaviour toward the LGBT+ community.”

See the company’s Facebook post below:

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