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Royston Sagigi-Baira Queer Indigenous Wins Idol 2023

Royston Sagigi-Baira Queer Indigenous Wins Idol 2023

Guess what happened on Saturday? Royston Sagigi-Baira, this amazing Thanakwith and Wagadagam guy, totally rocked Australian Idol 2023 and won! He’s just 24, from Mapoon in Cape York, and now he’s got $100,000 and a deal with Sony Music. Plus, he’s dropped a new single called ‘Invincible’. So, he’s up there, about to perform ‘Invincible’ …

altruistic surrogacy

SA Rainbow Families get access to IVF & Surrogacy

The South Australian Parliament has passed a law allowing equal access to assisted reproductive technology and altruistic surrogacy for same-sex couples. “[The law] will come into operation in the coming months, and will mean same-sex couples will be able to create loving, nurturing families without having to leave the state to do so,” South Australian …

dunlop volley christian lobby all about rooting

Dunlop Volley shoe ads bit sexy for the ACL

The Australian Christian Lobby’s Queensland director Wendy Francis has warned parents about a Dunlop Volley “R-rated” shoe ad that she says is “all about rooting”. “Parents be aware Dunlop Volley still sell sandshoes for school kids, but their website has R-rated images as they’re now ‘all about rooting’,” Francis tweeted, referring to the shoe brand’s …

traditional hindu wedding

Watch: Parents throw gay son traditional Hindu wedding

Gay Canadian man Rishi always wanted a traditional Hindu wedding. His parents relocated to Canada in the 1970s. Despite his traditional Hindu upbringing, he feared that as a gay man, he would never be able to have the lavish wedding he’d dreamed of. Rishi originally struggled to come to terms with his identity. He only …

Guys Talk Awkward Sex In New Quac ComePrep'd Videos

WATCH: QLD guys talk awkward sex with a mum

QLD gay guys talk awkward sex with a mum in a series of videos featuring PFLAG’s Shelley Argent. Shelley sat down with a group of guys who candidly discussed some of their most awkward sexual situations. Topics included joining the mile-high club, taxi hookups, and getting caught ‘spanking the monkey’. The Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) …

Starting From … Now!

Lesbian Series Starting From… Now! finds TV home

The popular lesbian web series Starting From … Now! is coming soon to a TV screen near you. Almost two years to the day after writer/director Julie Kalceff published the first seven-minute, self-funded episode of her drama on YouTube, the show will screen on SBS 2 after its world premiere at the Queer Screen Mardi …