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marriage equality japan

Court in Osaka upholds Japan’s gay marriage ban

In a setback for Japan’s LGBTQIA+ community, a court in Osaka has upheld the country’s ban on gay marriage.  The court found that the ban on same-sex marriage does not violate Japan’s Constitution The Osaka court dismissed a case filed by two gay couples and one lesbian couple and rejected their demand for 1 million …

Bethlehem College Tauranga

New Zealand’s Bethlehem College under fire for transphobic policies

A transgender student has survived a suicide attempt after their New Zealand Catholic school told them “God doesn’t make mistakes”.  Attending Bethlehem College at Tauranga, NZ, it has been alleged that the student was prohibited from wearing the uniform of their preferred gender. The student was also not allowed to go by their preferred name …

JLo Emme non binary

Jennifer Lopez introduces child Emme with gender-neutral pronouns

In a recent live performance, Jennifer ‘JLo’ Lopez introduced her child Emme using they/them pronouns. JLo was performing at the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala late last week when she brought her teenager Emme Muniz onto the stage. “The last time we performed together was in a big stadium like this and I …

My Lover Cindi Adelaide gay bar

Adelaide venue My Lover Cindi shows commitment to accessibility

Adelaide’s latest queer venue My Lover Cindi was born with an intent to create something a bit different for the local community. With a background in psychology and social work respectively, co-owners and partners Rachel Hosking and Kate Toone have a keen interest in social issues.  Launching a new venue, Toone and Hosking wanted to …

Maybelle Blair A League of Their Own comes out

A League of Their Own inspiration Maybelle Blair comes out at 95

Maybelle Blair, one of the inspirations behind the iconic 1992 film A League of Their Own has publicly come out, at 95 years of age. Maybelle ‘Mae’ Blair recently came out during the premiere of a new series based on the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. At a panel discussion, Mae said she was …

LGB Alliance UK

LGB Alliance funding labelled “very worrying” by UK advocates

LGBTQIA+ advocates in the UK have criticized a decision to provide funding to the trans-exclusionary group, LGB Alliance.  Last week, LGB Alliance announced it had been successful in receiving a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund. The National Lottery Community Fund gives grants to UK organisations to help improve their communities.  LGB Alliance said …

The Doodler serial killer sketches

The Doodler: the fight to find America’s forgotten serial killer

For the past 48 years, he’s been known only as The Doodler.  Between January 1974 and September 1975, The Doodler killed at least six and up to 14 men in San Francisco. Targeting gay men, he got his moniker from his pickup routine- sketching his victims as he sat at the bar.  In a 2021 …

Rebel Wilson Ramona Agruma Hugh Sheridan

Hugh Sheridan talks about playing matchmaker for Rebel Wilson

Australian actor Hugh Sheridan has revealed they were the matchmaker behind Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma’s romance. On Friday, Australian actress and Hollywood darling Rebel Wilson revealed on Instagram that she had found her “Disney Princess” in designer Ramona Agruma. It was the first time Rebel had come out publicly, stating that while she had …

Australia gay conversion Religious Discrimination Act

Conversion therapy survivor Glen Worrell petitions for change

Conversion therapy survivor Glen Worrell has launched a petition to ban conversion therapy in Tasmania.  Last month, Glen spoke to QNews about his experience undergoing conversion therapy over two decades.  Now a passionate advocate for reform, Glen said he still held regrets about the years lost to conversion practices.  “I’ll never get those back,” he …

Queer Tasmania call me by my name

Film project to help increase queer visibility in Tasmanian schools

After a group of six Tasmanian students raised the issue of queer visibility in schools, a film project was born. Call Me By My Name is a short film project about the experiences of growing up and coming out, as well as the challenges facing queer students.  Project facilitator Xris Reardon met the students through …

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