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Rainbow on the Reef

QC and 2Spirits at dazzling Rainbow on the Reef

The Queensland Council for LGBTI Health – QC  and 2Spirits teams recently experienced the joy of Gladstone’s first Pride celebration. The Rainbow on the Reef group, formed last year, organised the inaugural event. And what a Pride it was! Rainbow on the Reef hosted the celebrations across the weekend of June 10-12. All of us …

transgender awareness week

Transgender Awareness Week: Visible & positive representation

Beginning 13 November: Transgender Awareness Week. Allyship for Trans and Gender Diverse communities are front and centre of our minds and we especially acknowledge Sistergirls, Brotherboys and Trans People of Colour. Transgender Awareness Week 2021 is about holding space for folk to continue to do awe-inspiring and meaningful work in the spaces where they do …

council for lgbti health

IDAHOBIT FEATURE: Championing Change. One Day at a Time.

IDAHOBIT 2021 is the perfect day for us at QNews to amplify some of the powerful reflections that the CEO of the Queensland Council for LGBTI Health has made around what it means to champion change, one day at a time. While hard-fought freedoms are not taken for granted in our diverse communities, there is …