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Transgender Youth puberty blockers

Transgender Youth, and the facts on puberty blockers

With the recent focus on Transgender youth and puberty blockers and the relentless attempts to create controversy over the issue, we revisit a 2016 article from Dr Fiona Bisshop. The article contains light edits to reflect changes in the years since. Dr Bisshop is currently President of AusPATH (Australian Professional Association for Trans Health). I …

get your vacc on covid19 vaccination

Doc Q on Aussie COVID19 vaccination: Get your vacc on!

Well, folks, the day has finally arrived. The SARS-COV2 COVID19 vaccination rollout has begun. So, when your turn comes, get your vacc on. You might know that Australia’s COVID19 vaccination plan includes two different vaccines. The mRNA Pfizer vaccine arrived first and was offered to very high-risk groups including frontline workers. (Who knew that also …

syphilis this christmas regular sexual health checks

DocQ: no one wants the gift of syphilis this Christmas

DocQ writes about an ancient foe — the sneaky spiral bacterium that continues to infect humans after a history stretching back thousands of years. No one wants the gift of syphilis this Christmas so Dr Fiona Bisshop says – have regular sexual health checks. Early diagnosis means quick and effective treatment. Long-time readers of the …


DocQ COVID-19: to mask or not to mask, that is the question

DocQ, Fiona Bisshop addresses the contentious issue of masking. Don’t forget Dr Bisshop’s QNews LIVE Q&A Saturdays at 2 pm. Ask her about how to mask safely and any other medical questions. Should everyone be wearing masks at the moment because of COVID-19? This is a hotly debated question, even amongst health professionals. Indeed, even …

docq covid-19 dr fiona bisshop

DocQ COVID-19: Dr Fiona Bisshop keeps you up to date

The DocQ COVID-19 update. Fr Fiona Bisshop with the latest on the pandemic and the best precautions we can all take to protect ourselves and our communities. Images: Australian Government Did you know that the Great Plague of the early 1600s in England wiped out one-quarter of the population of London?  That was 100,000 people …

coronavirus docq pandemic

DocQ: Pandemic anyone? The latest on coronavirus

There’s a new virus causing widespread fear around the world.  Coronavirus causes an illness known as COVID-19. DocQ explains the danger from the potential pandemic and what you should do.  Coronavirus vs SARS and MERS Coronaviruses are a group of viruses, so-called because the viral particle looks like it has a crown or halo.  SARS …

trans kids docq fiona bisshop acl

DocQ: Critics of trans kids have nothing to offer

During an Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) talkfest at Queensland Parliament House last week, a so-called ‘expert panel’ spent most of their time claiming a ‘gay conversion therapy’ ban would create trans kids. Dr. Fiona Bisshop, with on the job experience of hundreds of trans patients, looks at their claims. It’s hard to know where to …

asking for help suicide

DocQ on suicide: Asking for help is not weakness

It’s been a tough start to the year. Bushfires, upsetting stories about the suffering of our native animals and incessant heat. Then, in the last few days, an attack on a drag storytime event and a very public death by suicide of a troubled young man. We need to remember in difficult times, that asking …

DocQ retrospective

DocQ Retrospective: Dr Fiona Bisshop’s decade in review

After over ten years of the DocQ column, Dr Fiona Bisshop looks back over a decade of healthcare advances in her DocQ retrospective. I realised when I began to write this, on the cusp of a new decade, that the column is now over ten years old. A lot happened in that time, especially in …

trans guy

DocQ: Hooking Up With a Trans Guy

You see a really cute guy on Grindr and discover he’s a trans guy. Well, you’re only human – trans guys are hot, right?! But you have questions. You’ve never been with a trans guy before, and you wonder if there are things you need to know, and who do you ask? Here are some …

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