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Eric Wee Chong Tan


How to escape Grindr hookups and form better relationships

The other day, one of my friends in the Singaporean LGBTIQ community lamented that he could not get to really know people. He said that all people wanted to do was to get into “each others’ pants”. While this might be an exaggeration, it is not that far from the truth in Singapore where there …

Feeling A

Too Close For Comfort: What To Do When You Feel Awkward Around People

Imogen, a transwoman in her early 30s, came to me for help with what she called her “social awkwardness”. At first, she was easily irritable with me because “everyone I’ve talked to about my problem keeps telling me it’s social anxiety.” She expected that I would do the same. “I’m not anxious around people and …

How To Come Out… Of Your Shell

I recently got acquainted with a young Asian man in his 20s. He had struggled with social anxiety since his teens. He feared people and their harsh judgments and found himself avoiding social interactions at all costs. In the last few years, he had worked hard to overcome his social anxiety and had made great …