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Destiny Rogers

Destiny Rogers began her media career in mainstream newspapers, starting work straight after high school at Mirror News, later to become News Ltd. However, finding work at a weekly tabloid unsatisfying, she left for a career in entertainment.

After beginning her entertainment career in drag shows, she branched out to MCing: strip shows, fashion parades, corporate events and more. From the late 80s, she worked for a decade as a wildlife show manager, performing 8 shows a day herself with Australian wildlife including crocodiles and deadly poisonous snakes. Other career highlights include managing nightclubs and working in an adult store - a varied and interesting career offering insights into many aspects of human life.

However, Destiny stayed involved in publishing as both a researcher and book editor. One of her most rewarding experiences was editing Ian Byford's 'Passing Glances: A History of Gay Cairns'.

She also researched and co-authored 'The Queen's Ball', a history of the longest-running continuous queer event in the world.

Her research on the history of Australia's COON Cheese and Edward Coon led to the book 'COON: More Holes than Swiss Cheese' co-authored with Dr Stephen Hagan.

Destiny began work at QNews as a feature writer before being promoted to Print Editor of QNews Magazine in 2018.

In July 2022, she stepped down from that position to again focus on research and feature writing.

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Elton John putin

Elton John shoots down Putin hypocrisy

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently told  The Financial Times that his country has no problem with gay people.  Elton John released a letter on Facebook accusing Putin of hypocrisy. Putin’s statement ignored Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law which causes immense prejudice and harm to the country’s LGBTIQ citizens. Also his regime continues to turn a blind …

Rose Cleveland Precious and Adored: The Love Letters of Rose Cleveland and Evangeline Simpson Whipple

The lesbian love letters of an American First Lady

Rose Cleveland served as First Lady for her unmarried brother for fourteen months in the 1880s. Although history remembers her as First Lady to President Grover Cleveland, she deserves recognition in her own right and for her great relationship with the love of her life, Evangeline Whipple. A new book Precious and Adored: The Love …

victorian pride centre

Victorian Pride Centre cornerstone laid

The 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots saw the Victorian Pride Centre cement LGBTIQ pride into the Australian landscape. The centre chose the anniversary to lay the cornerstone of South-East Asia’s first Pride Centre. Previously, in early 2018, the centre announced the winning design for an architecturally iconic building on the site. The centre planned …

israel and acl 1972

1972 calls – Hey Israel and ACL – come home

A 1972 Letter to the Editor of The Canberra Times reads like Israel and the ACL wrote it yesterday. Despite all the progress in the world on human rights since 1972, some people learned nothing. Referencing a missive from St Paul, this time to the Romans, the correspondent, of course, threatens death to homosexuals. Context …

Stonewall Riots 50th Anniversary

Editorial: Stonewall Riots 50th Anniversary matters

Fifty years ago today, the modern LGBTIQ rights movement began after LGBTIQ rioters fought back against a police raid on an illegal Mafia bar called the Stonewall Inn. Out of that grew the gay liberation movement which gave birth to our modern LGBTIQ communities. On the Stonewall Riots 50th Anniversary, we look back on how …

women of brisbane's rainbow hub

The Women of Brisbane’s Rainbow Hub

The Rainbow Hub is a free space to support and empower international LGBTQI students and friends in Brisbane.  Previously, we placed some of the men from Rainbow Hub on our QN Magazine cover. This time, in issue 482, we spoke to and pictured some of the women of Brisbane’s Rainbow Hub, four beautiful Brazilians. The …

I like boys todrick hall

Todrick Hall cavorting in desert with naked men

The glorious Todrick Hall’s new video ‘I Like Boys’ shows the ‘Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels’ singer in the desert surrounded by men in various stages of undress. And also, just in undress. Scroll down for vid. Mama come, come doll, take a seat There’s someone you know that you’ve got to meet So brace yourself …

aaron schock anti-gay Anti-gay pollie's night out in gay strip bar

Anti-gay pollie’s night out in gay strip bar

An onlooker filmed former US Republican congressman Aaron Schock slipping a note into a stripper’s briefs last Saturday night. Renowned for his anti-gay voting record and lavish personal expenditure of tax payer dollars, Schock resigned from Congress in 2015. Scroll down for video. A later congressional ethics investigation showed he used taxpayer funds for lavish …

stonewall riots 50th anniversary equality tasmania

Commemorating Stonewall Riot 50th Anniversary in Hobart

Equality Tasmania plan a commemoration marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City for Hobart Friday evening. The Stonewall Riots saw patrons of the Stonewall gay bar fight back against repeated police raids on the LGBTI venue. Many now recognise the riots as the beginning of the modern LGBTI rights movement. …

gay animals london zoo

Homosexuality exists in many species – Homophobia in one

“Penguin Beach is home to the Zoo’s most famous same-sex couple, Ronnie and Reggie,” says London Zoo on their Facebook page. “Our penguins are joining in on the #Pride celebrations!” Gay animals pairings are proving all the rage this Pride month. To coincide with London’s Pride Parade in July, London Zoo decided to hold a …

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