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Destiny Rogers

Destiny Rogers embarked on her career in the media industry immediately after high school, initially joining Mirror News, which later evolved into News Ltd.
She fondly recalls editing Ian Byford's 'Passing Glances: A History of Gay Cairns' as one of her most fulfilling projects. Additionally, Destiny co-researched and co-wrote 'The Queen's Ball', chronicling the history of the world's longest-running continuous queer event.
Her investigative work on the history of Australia's COON Cheese and Edward Coon culminated in the publication 'COON: More Holes than Swiss Cheese', a collaborative effort with Dr. Stephen Hagan.
Destiny's journey at QNews began as a feature writer, and she was subsequently elevated to the role of Managing Editor of QNews Magazine in 2018.
However, in July 2022, she decided to resign from this role to refocus on research and feature writing.

For contact, please reach out at destinyr@qnews.com.au.

bondi killer joel cauchi

Why I reported Bondi killer advertised as escort

Outrage greeted my Sunday report that Bondi killer Joel Cauchi advertised as an escort in the weeks before his murderous rampage. “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition,” Monty Python used to say. Bullshit. In queer publishing, we always expect the Spanish Inquisition. First, there are the people of faith, often American, that have nothing better to …

brisbane club gay blackmail henry sankey

Henry Sankey: Gay Blackmail at Brisbane Club 1886

In the long decades before the decriminalisation of gay sex, men risked not only imprisonment but also gay blackmail as Henry Sankey discovered in an 1886 Brisbane Club case. The short-lived Brisbane Club featured in this story has no connection with the club of the same name, established in 1903 and still operating today. The …

Walt Needham and Mike Sill vintage nude mormon bodybuilders

NSFW! Vintage nude Mormon bodybuilders

Vintage nude Mormon bodybuilders? Who’da thought good Mormon lads got their dicks out for 1950s photographers? Well, two Junior Mr Utahs certainly did and here are the pics of Mike Sill and Walt Needham to prove it. Men were not supposed to pose for nude photos in the good old days. It was supposedly immoral …

queensland decriminalise decriminalisation of sex work

Qld parliamentary inquiry yes to decriminalisation of sex work

Queensland moved closer to the decriminalisation of sex work this week with a parliamentary inquiry fully supporting a proposed government bill. Queensland currently allows two forms of legalised sex work – services provided at licensed brothels or by sole operators. The law defines sole operators as persons working alone from a premise, providing in-house calls, …

Joel Cauchi

Bondi killer Joel Cauchi advertised as male escort

Joel Cauchi, the Queenslander who killed six people in the Bondi shopping centre massacre, recently advertised as a male escort. The mentally ill murderer offered services for men and women on various escort websites. Cauchi described himself as an athletic good-looking 39-year-old looking for fun times in Sydney. He offered numerous services, including a willingness …


Terfs just gotta keep on terfing

It’s been like Terf Xmas this past week. Nonsensical terfisms buzzed around the internet like flies around a cowpat and even former children’s writer, JoKe Superterf got in on the action. Those terfs just gotta keep on terfing. Shits and Giggles Here in Australia, the Tickle vs Giggle court case kept headline writers busy trying …

percy le vaux peter ;umberg

4/ Percy Le Vaux – the victim’s ‘most intimate friend’

Percy Le Vaux moved to Cairns intent on achieving wealth and power. It never quite worked out. The story of a Cairns murder, the attempted framing of an innocent First Nations man, the sexual assault on a young constable by one of Queensland’s most senior cops and a suicide. The Queensland Police hushed up this …

mr nude brisbane transparent petticoat

Mr Nude Brisbane 1904: a transparent petticoat

In 1904, an unfortunate crime and a lack of any clothing other than a transparent petticoat resulted in Thomas Bier becoming Mr Nude Brisbane 1904. In the modern day, we can, of course, access nudity at any time of day or night via the World Wide Web. Take your pick. There are dicks to be …

Margaret Reynolds Commemorative Panel

Commemorative Tasmanian gay UN panel unveiled

Former Senator Margaret Reynolds unveiled a commemorative panel in Hobart on Thursday on the 30th anniversary of the United Nations’ condemnation of Tasmania’s anti-gay laws. The United Nations condemnation serves as one of the great landmarks of LGBTIQA+ rights reform. The decision marked the first time in world history the UN had declared that LGBTIQA+ …

michael pell sunrise channel 7

Did bullying and homophobia drive Michael Pell from Channel 7?

An article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald claims close friends of Michael Pell say years at the helm of Sunrise and a culture at Channel 7 of bullying, homophobia and infighting burned out the celebrated executive producer. Michael Pell Michael Pell became the executive producer of Channel 7 breakfast television show Sunrise in 2010, aged …

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