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Brian Greig

Brian Andrew Greig OAM is a former Australian politician. Grieg was an Australian Democrats member of the Australian Senate from 1999 to 2005, representing the state of Western Australia. A spokesperson for Just Equal Australia,

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The religious right was smashed at the election. What happens now?

The religious right got absolutely walloped in the recent federal election, but it doesn’t mean the political attacks on LGBTIQ+ people will cease, writes Brian Grieg. The federal election capped off a disastrous ten years in which the religious right has lost every battle. Now they’ve lost almost all of their spear carriers in parliament. …

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Federal Labor policy will purge LGBTQ+ teachers

Federal Labor policy going into the May federal election will allow the purging of LGBTQ+ teachers from faith schools. Brian Greig is a spokesperson for Just-Equal Australia and former Federal senator. In the recent debate on the Religious Discrimination Bill, Labor voted with the Coalition to oppose protections for teachers. In a subsequent statement from …

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Labor must stop the mixed messages on the Religious Discrimination Bill

Federal Labor is sending mixed messages about the Morrison Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill, writes Brian Greig. Labor must stop sitting on the fence. For months last year, it has said it will not comment on the Religious Discrimination Bill until it is tabled. Then it was tabled. Now Labor says it will not comment until …