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Blair Martin

A man dressed as santa claus on a white background holding a queer and LGBTQIA+ pride flag.

The historic queer connections to Christmas celebrations

The history of Christmas celebrations includes many queer connections.  It is a season that is loathed as much as it is loved, thanks to our bizarre worship of a winter solstice festival in the middle of summer.  Not to mention the whole thing is based on a purported series of events (that stretch credulity) that …

The team at Queer Radio and Dykes on Mykes at 4ZZZ

Brisbane’s Queer Radio and Dykes on Mykes celebrate 30 years

The queer presenters of 4ZZZ’s radio shows Queer Radio and Dykes on Mykes are celebrating 30 years of taking over the airwaves. Community radio station 4ZZZ has broadcast the two radio shows each week since September 30, 1992. This makes them the world’s longest continuously running radio programs on diversity in gender and sexuality. Not …

2018 Eurovision

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

The glitterfest is upon us, the wind machine is set to roar and flame pots are primed for ignition. Eurovision—a camp event that has been going longer than the venerable Brisbane Queens’ Ball—is the “World Cup of Pop Music”, a sports event for people that aren’t into sport. Blair Martin, Brisbane radio station 4ZZZ’s roving …