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Andrew Macdonald

A person is having a video call with a man on the screen of his laptop computer.

Does Video-Based Therapy Work?

Online counselling can provide a calming environment for clients by letting them talk things out in a space where they feel most comfortable. WORDS Andrew Macdonald I need to overt my bias here and share that I work both in an agency providing in-person appointments and also run a private practice that is purely video-based. …

Counsellor Andrew Macdonald in a consulting room with pride flags behind him. He helps people who are neurodivergent.

I found out I’m neurodivergent – how do I feel about this?

Resident clinical psychotherapist, Andrew Macdonald explores the reactions of people diagnosed as being neurodivergent.  First up, what are we talking about when it comes to being neurodivergent?  Depending on which side of the science fence you sit on, it can be explained as having an atypical way of thinking and processing information.  Hang on, I …